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With a pandemic and other health conditions, living in Dubai one might face the need to see a doctor at home. This sort of visit is not usually the norm but, given the nature of COVID-19 and other infectious/viral diseases, a hospital visit may not always be a good idea. Instead, it may make more sense to call a doctor in Dubai. Of course, a sudden injury or worsening of a condition may still require a visit to the ER. But in many cases, you can book a doctor at home in Dubai, bringing healthcare services right to your doorstep.

Who Needs to Call a Doctor in Dubai to Their Home?

Modern medicine and health sciences have never been as advanced (or effective) as they are today. Needing to call a doctor in Dubai for a home visit is fairly rare for most people. Especially those with healthy lifestyles and no underlying conditions. Minor issues like the flu, mild allergies, asthma, scrapes, upset stomachs, etc. can generally be treated with over-the-counter medication. 

People may not even need to visit a hospital for illnesses that could have proven lethal a century ago. For major issues such as fractures, serious illnesses, and specialized treatments, of course, people may still need to seek a professional health service provider like a hospital. 

So, not everyone needs a doctor to visit them at home. Especially not when they can treat the problem themselves or simply head over to their local hospital. However, some people genuinely may need at-home care. Moving to a hospital or a clinic may prove counterproductive and could even cause their condition to worsen. The following individuals, for example, may benefit from an at-home visit from a doctor on call: 

Elderly Individuals 

As people grow older, their health starts to deteriorate. While this is just how the human body works, for some elders this can create difficulties. Especially when they need access to healthcare. The absence of family members and/or live-in attendants can make this problem more complicated. As can the presence of underlying conditions like COPD, Alzheimer’s Disease, and other debilitating illnesses. 

Pulmonary diseases can worsen, especially with exposure to fumes, bacteria, and even a mild case of the cold. Alzheimer’s is a progressive degenerative disease that impacts memory and mental faculties. In later stages, it is very common for patients to be confused and unable to recognize even close family members. Both COPD and Alzheimer’s can put elders in danger if they try to make their way out unaccompanied. 

Also, older people have lowered immunity compared to younger individuals. Therefore, an elder visiting the hospital can run a higher risk of contracting new diseases or infections during their visit/stay. Such individuals have a valid need for an at-home doctor on call in Dubai. Usually, it is a lot safer than a hospital visit. 

People of Determination 

In the UAE, the term β€œpeople of determination” refers to individuals that are determined to create a functional life. They do so despite suffering from reduced mobility or disabilities. Such individuals, even when willing, may not be able to visit a hospital in person. They may have caregivers or family members that help out with a hospital visit in an emergency. 

But even then, there can be times when they have nobody around to help them get to a healthcare center. People of determination may benefit, instead, from a visit from a qualified doctor at home in Dubai. Otherwise, they may not be able to access professional healthcare or address pressing health concerns when needed.  

Individuals Without Transport

Thanks to higher wage rates, transportation is rarely an issue in Dubai. Most individuals can afford to either rent or purchase personal transportation. Many others can access public transport systems provided by the Road and Transport Authority. This helps if they don’t have a personal vehicle. 

However, Dubai is by far the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates. And, in some cases, some people may find it impossible to commute to a hospital when they need it the most. Factors like working hours and residential locations can also complicate this. A home visit from an on-call doctor in Dubai may be the only option that makes sense. Especially in the case of sudden illnesses or injuries. 

People With Chronic Diseases 

Chronic health conditions are usually persistent or long-lasting health issues. A disease or illness that lasts for more than 3 months typically qualifies as a chronic condition. But others, such as heart diseases, diabetes, and even cancer can last far longer. In certain cases, chronic illnesses can even turn into terminal ones. 

In addition, chronic health issues (along with the medication they require) can severely impair the patient’s immune system. A hospital visit could very well prove extremely dangerous. Especially if it creates complications with the underlying condition. 

Patients With Viral Conditions 

Patients suffering from a viral illness also have valid reasons to prefer a home visit from an on-call doctor. And not just because they need professional medical attention. They also run the risk of spreading their illness to other people. Viral diseases, from the common cold to COVID-19, are extremely infectious. They can jump from person to person in different ways. Carrying a viral sickness endangers people in a public bus, taxi, or even a hospital waiting room. The more responsible approach, therefore, would be to seek healthcare at home. 


The need for at-home professional care can make it necessary for certain people to call a doctor in Dubai. Not doing so can place the patient, and in some cases, individuals around them at serious risk. If you or your loved ones need a doctor at home in Dubai, don’t risk a hospital visit unnecessarily. Instead, check out some of ServiceMarket’s most highly-rated healthcare providers that offer this convenient and safe service. 

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