10 Must Buy Pet Grooming Products In Dubai

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Do you have a pet in your home in Dubai? Pet grooming is an essential part of the upkeep of your pet. Just like how you need a routine shower to stay fresh and healthy, your pets need their share of a clean-up as well, or else you are just asking for an unhappy pet with a bad odor and nasty infections.

While you can get your pet groomed by grooming professionals, there are some products that you should have with you for your pet’s daily grooming.

Luckily, there are many neat grooming products available in Dubai. Read more to learn about some of the products that are a must-have at your home!

1.    Brushes

If you want your pet’s coat to be glossy, smooth, and tangle-free, then you need to give it a thorough brushing now and then.

The type of brush depends on your pet. A slicker brush is the one to choose if you have a pet with undercoats and long hair.

Likewise, a pin brush would be ideal for pets with a thick coat, while for tangles, get a reliable and sturdy comb!

2.    Shampoos

Shampoos should be on the top of your list as they make all the difference in your pet’s bathing. However, you must be mindful of the type of shampoo you use and how frequently you use it, as some dogs have more sensitive skins than others, and some require more frequent baths than others.

Be sure to rinse off the shampoo properly so that it doesn’t get into your pet’s eyes!

3.    Shears and Clippers

You might want your cat grooming or dog grooming companies to handle the trimming of your pet’s fur and nails, but with the right tools, you can do the basics yourself too.

One way is to get scissors or shears and cut the fur on your pet to whichever length you want. However, if you don’t want to cut it outright, thinning shears can be useful for thinning your pet’s coat. You can also use scissors to get the fur out of sensitive spots like their paws.

This is especially important in summers when too much fur retains too much heat.

Alternatively to manual scissors, you can get electric shears with changeable blades to cut the fur to a length of your choosing. Clippers are the way to go for your pet’s nails.

4.    Gloves

If you have an anxious pet, then worry not! You can get grooming gloves that have ridges carved on the palms. This allows you to brush your pet while just stroking them.

5.    Conditioners

If you wash your pet more than once a month, consider using a conditioner that will tackle the dry skin caused by bathing.

Conditioners will help replenish your pet’s coat and lock in moisture into their skin. This will, in turn, give their coat a nice glossy look.

With an overall lovely smell and reduced shedding, who wouldn’t want to use conditioners?

6.    Treat dispensers

These help your pets, especially dogs, to stay calm during bath time. One of the best products you can use for your dog grooming is a ridged silicone slow feeder. Attach it to a wall and fill it with tasty snacks to keep your pet occupied and your hands-free.

7.    Wipes

These are a great and easy way to clean dirty paws and matted fur, and they also help replenish your pet’s natural oils, leaving a glossy and fresh coat.

8.    Toothbrushes and Tooth Paste

Oral hygiene is very important! You can use toothbrush sticks, finger brushes, and enzymatic toothpaste to avoid any plaque buildup.

Try to get your pets used to this from a young age, so they don’t put up a fight every time you clean their teeth!

9.    Supplements

Like humans, food has a great impact on how pets feel and look. The right supplements will not only give them a rejuvenated vibe but also give them the right vitamins and minerals for their gorgeous and silky coats.

10. Towels and blow dryers

Wet hair is a hotbed for infections and is more likely to get matted, so it’s better to quickly dry your pets after a bath. Towels, towel robes, or blow dryers are products you can use for immediate and easy results.


At ServiceMarket, we want you and your pet to be healthy, happy, and safe. Pet grooming in Dubai can be made much easier with these tools. Give them a try and enjoy your days with a happy, healthy pet.

Happy Grooming!

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