How to Groom Your Cat in Dubai?

cat grooming methods in Dubai

Are you a cat owner living in Dubai? Are you worried about getting its grooming done during covid times? Now you don’t need to! ServiceMarket is offering you a one-of-a-kind pet grooming service for your kitty.

Like any other being, cats also require proper professional care for their health and wellbeing. Too big a fur coat can lead to matting and parasite production, which may cause discomfort to your kitty. Although cats are great at self-grooming, they also occasionally require some extra helping hands, be it of a professional or the owner, to stay put throughout.

Cats as Self Groomers

Having a cat as a pet is comparatively easier as it’s pretty low maintenance. It keeps itself clean by licking the entire body from the face till the β€˜tail end’ in only a go. The spine-like papillae on its tongue help it grab the fur, making the licking process much more efficient. 

This process does not only dampen the fur but also spreads sebum (an oily substance produced on the hair follicles) all across, removing all the dirt and making the fur coat shine as new.

Moreover, apart from this regular self-grooming, your cat may also be involved in:

Mutual Grooming 

A social activity in which your cat grooms another cat out of sheer love and compassion.

Displacement Grooming 

When met with an unknown situation, your kitty may start to frantically groom itself, termed as β€˜displacement behavior’.

Cat Grooming Options in Dubai

Even though cats are considered self-cleaning machines, they require a grooming session once in a while to stay fit and healthy. Below are some cat grooming options available in Dubai that you can choose from for your kitty’s spa day.

At-Home Grooming 

  1. Brushing

Residing in Dubai, be cautious of your cat’s fur. Brush it regularly to avoid any matting and tangling of hair. Moreover, brushing also helps spread the oils all over the coat, making it glisten with shine. 

However, if you own a long-haired cat, brush it every day and if your kitty is shorter-haired, once a week should be fine. 

  1. Nail TrimmingΒ 

Clip your cat’s nails when needed. However, if you ever forget, don’t worry! You’ll get a painful reminder when you cuddle with it.

  1. Bathing

Unlike dogs, cats don’t require regular bathing. But whenever you feel it’s stinky or a tad bit oily when you touch it, you should know it’s time to bathe and get all fluffed up again.

Professional Grooming at a Salon

No matter how responsible you are in taking care of your fluff buddy, a cat grooming session from a professional is highly required at least once every 3 months, depending on the size of its fur.

Living in the hot desert climate of Dubai, your kitty may need regular shaving and trimming of both its nails and fur. Apart from this, the grooming companies on ServiceMarket also offer massages, manicures, pedicures, as well as complete makeovers. So, book an appointment with one of our trusted groomers and wait no more.

Professional grooming of your cat will not only improve its appearance, but it will also help keep its health in check: the trimming of fur will prevent it from heat stress. It will also help check for any abnormal lumps in the body. In short, it’s truly significant for your kitty’s wellbeing.

Mobile Grooming 

However, if you’re too busy and do not have extra time on your hands, you can also avail the mobile grooming service that a lot of companies in Dubai now offer. 

Nonetheless, for your ease, ServiceMarket has researched and contracted with some of the best pet grooming companies that have introduced mobile grooming for your cuddle buddies. With modern equipment and reliable products, they’ll groom your kitty to the best of their abilities.

Even if you are away for work, you can schedule a session and the professionals will come to your house at the designated day and time, coddle your kitty with all the grooming it needs, and then you can return home to a clean, well-groomed kitty.

Final Takeaway

Although cats keep themselves tidy most of the time, they do need some professional pampering every once in a while to stay healthy and relaxed. Living in Dubai, you should now be aware of the options that you have for your kitty’s grooming.

You can book an at-home pet grooming service now. The pet grooming professionals will care for it as their own and your kitty will certainly have a ball getting all groomed up.

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