10 Signs Your Cat in Dubai Needs Pet Grooming

signs your cat needs to be groomed in Dubai

Cats are wonderful creatures that become an irreplaceable part of your life the minute they enter. However, cats in Dubai need a lot of care and professional pet grooming to ensure their health and hygiene.

Pet owners, especially new ones, can be pretty confused about the right time to give their cats a grooming session as they tend to be pretty good at grooming themselves.

The good news is that we have done the research for you and are here to help! Continue reading to learn about the ten signs you need to look for to confirm if your cat needs a grooming session as well as a quick look into why professional grooming companies are necessary.

Why contact professional grooming companies

Cats are known for their innate ability to groom themselves, and normally pet owners find that to be enough. However, sometimes, professionals can help in the more difficult cases.

Cat grooming services at ServiceMarket entail many features that can get even the most difficult of cats to relax.

We also offer fur and nail trimming, oral hygiene routines, bathing, etc. As a bonus, we also have a neat mobile grooming service so that you can get your cat cleaned up at your own house.

Ten signs you need to look out for

Below are some of the indicators of your cat needing grooming. If you catch any of these, then you should know that it’s time to act!

1.    Dirty, matted fur

This is the most obvious sign for you to get your cat bathed. Any mud, knots, or tangles will irritate your pet and become a hotbed for infections.

Remember that how dirty the fur will get depends on the type of cat, i.e. cats with longer fur require daily cleaning, whereas those with shorter hair require less frequent sessions.

2.    Rolled in mud/dirt

Another pretty clear sign of needing grooming is if your cat has rolled in mud or any other dirty substance, then it’s time to get that bath started!

3.    Nails growth

Cats have curled nail growth that can cause a lot of discomfort for them. It affects their walking and posture if not immediately taken care of. Most cats will put up many tantrums if you try this yourself, so getting professional help would be beneficial.

4.    Long fur

Cat fur needs a lot of attention, and depending on how fast it grows, you may need to get it trimmed accordingly.

Different cats have different rates of fur growth. It can range from silky to rough to short bristles. Some cats don’t even have fur! So when you should take the cat to a pet grooming company depends on the type of pet you have.

5.    Anal gland issues

Your cat may have some anal gland issues, and you can catch wind of it if you smell any foul odor coming from any surface your feline friend rests on. Normally a trip to the vet is the best remedy, but some special groomers in Dubai can perform anal gland expression that can help a lot.

6.    Old cats

As cats grow older, they find self-grooming more and more difficult. This is when you should help them out regularly to help them feel clean and fresh.

7.    Allergic reaction

If you start feeling an allergic reaction, it may be due to the allergens produced on your cat’s fur. A trip to the groomer and a thorough bath is shown to reduce the effects greatly!

8.    Hairballs

If your cat is coughing up a lot of hairballs, it is likely that the fur has gotten longer and is shedding more frequently. Grooming will reduce the amount of hair your cat swallows while self-grooming.

9.    Dull coat

If your cat’s fur starts to get dull or becomes more patched, then getting your cat some supplements will help revitalize his/her coat. However, if the issue worsens, then you will need to contact a vet.

10.  It’s about time

Finally, all we can say is that your cat needs routine pet grooming sessions. So set the dates on a calendar and give your cat its due cleaning time.


If you don’t want your cat to be irritated and prone to disease, make sure it gets regular pet grooming in Dubai. If it doesn’t, it will not only cause discomfort for your cat but also be a worry for you.

So if you see any of the signs mentioned above in your pet, be sure not to ignore them and get your pet some cat grooming sessions.

Book professional pet grooming services in Dubai with ServiceMarket. Happy Grooming!

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