10 Signs Your Dog in Dubai Needs Pet Grooming

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Dog owners in Dubai know that their pets require a lot of care to keep them happy and healthy. Dog grooming is one very important aspect of taking care of your dog.

Grooming helps dogs stay clean and gets rid of infections, pests, and odors. Plus, it also gives an emotional boost to your furry friend.

However, many people do not know when to start the procedure or what signs to look out for. Fortunately, we can help you out in this regard!

Read on to know the ten signs your dog needs grooming, as well as a few bits of information about professional pet grooming companies in Dubai that may help you out.

Why get professional pet grooming?

Most people prefer grooming their dogs themselves, but there are multiple reasons why they should consider contacting professional grooming companies.

Our dog grooming services in Dubai include a thorough clean-up of your dog, from trimming fur and nails to bathing and cleaning out their ears.

This is all done with sanitized equipment while ensuring that even the most anxious dogs are kept calm and happy.

We even offer mobile grooming services in Dubai to make the whole process easier for you and your pet! You can keep them in their usual environment to keep them calm and still get the complete professional pet grooming experience.

The 10 signs you need to look out for

Below are some of the indications that should ring alarm bells in your head, signaling that your dog needs a grooming session as soon as possible.

1.    Doggy Odors are being produced.

Dogs are known for being quite the explorers. So, sometimes, they either dig up smelly things or venture into dirty water or mud. If you notice any smell coming from them after the adventure, then you need to give your dog an immediate bath.

2.    There’s an Overload of Dandruff!

Yes! Dogs tend to be victims of dandruff, just like their human counterparts. However, dogs can have it a little rough as they have thicker fur, and if the dandruff is not treated, it can lead to further infections.

3.    Mites, Lice, and Fleas are wreaking havoc.

These pests hide in fur and can cause irritation and sore skin. In addition, they can also be rather detrimental to your dog’s health. Check out your dog’s fur physically and get them removed before they cause any further damage to your dog or end up spreading to other pets or family members.

4.    Your Dog is suffering due to nasty allergies.

Regular bathing has been shown to reduce allergens by a great number because it removes dead and flaky skin. Remember, if your dog’s symptoms are bad, then a trip to the vet is in order.

5.    Your dog is showing visible discomfort due to its fur.

If your dog is constantly scratching itself and is disturbed by the fur dangling over its eyes, then it is high time to trim and wash that fur. This helps in preventing any overheating and agitation.

6.    Your dog has lengthy nails.

Long nails not only affect your dog’s posture while walking, but they can also cause you harm, not to mention they leave scars on the floor and couches.

If you spot that your dog’s nails are growing a tad too much, take note right away and either hire a pet grooming company or trim them yourself.

7.    Your dog has rolled in something that smells.

This is an obvious and immediate sign for you to get your dog to take a bath immediately if you do not want your house and dog to suffer from those nasty odors.

8.    Dull fur

Usually, one look at your dog’s fur will be enough to tell you if it needs to be groomed or not. If it’s dull or looks dirty, then you know what to do and who to call – the dog grooming company in Dubai or your closest pet store for the tools you need.

9.    Matted and knotted fur

If you don’t brush your dog’s fur regularly, then it is very likely that the fur will end up matted and have many headache-inducing knots formed in it. These can be pretty painful to get out, so it’s better to get these treated as soon as possible.

10.  It’s about time you did some dog grooming!

Every dog needs regular grooming, whether it be after a week or a month. This includes little steps like brushing their fur regularly. So when you see that calendar date approaching, make sure not to procrastinate and give your little friend the clean-up it needs.


A clean dog means a happy dog, and that is something that we all want.

So to make sure that your dog in Dubai does not develop any serious issues due to any neglect on your part, get your dog grooming regularly, whether it is professional or not.

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Good luck!

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