10 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to India From Dubai

Dubai offers ample opportunities to expats, and a lot of them come from India. Moving back to India or relocating there for the first time requires more than just hiring international movers. Though, you can save yourself from a lot of hassle, and stress when you hire international movers for your move to India, there are still quite a few tasks that you will have to take care of on your own.

The following are the things to keep in mind before moving to India from Dubai:

1. Planning

You have to make a number of arrangements before the move. For a permanent move, you should give yourself a window of three months whereas for moving temporarily, plan at least two weeks before the date of departure. Not giving yourself enough time can result in a last moment panic, and mismanagement. 

2. Ending Rental Contract with Your Landlord

One of the first things you need to do is to submit a notice 90 days before leaving the house/apartment. It is stated by Dubai’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority. If you want to end an ongoing rental agreement earlier, you will have to abide by the exit clause about the compensation. Also, you can talk to your landlord and negotiate what would best serve both parties. 

3. Settling Debts with the Bank

Car loans, personal loans, remaining installments of appliances, and outstanding balance on credit cards, all have to be settled before you move. Make sure to get a clearance letter or no liability letter from the bank. 

4. Shortlisting Items to Take Along

Shipping and duties on your belongings are major expenses involved in moving to India. It is recommended to prioritize the things you want to ship. Since most shipping companies charge you as per an item’s weight, it is better to not take a massive load with you. 

5. Selling Your Belongings

The best way to reduce load is by selling some of your belongings. An easy way to do this is by utilizing online listings. You can also settle payments for various expenses involved in the moving process.  

6. Donating the Rest of Your Items

You cannot take everything with you nor sell every item. One way to reduce load is by asking your friends if they need something, like your old furniture. Whatever’s left, you can donate it to charities. You can find many charitable organizations near you by doing a quick search online. 

7. Calculating Customs and Duties

When taking your belongings to India, it is best to be aware of the charges you have to pay customs duties. See what things fall under duty-free allowance and do the math for others. Calculate the payable amount based on the latest terms and percentages set on the value of an item. Doing these calculations earlier saves you from any unexpected deductions.

8. Paying Off Utilities and Canceling Subscriptions

Cancel your telecom and internet subscriptions on the last days prior to move. You can visit their websites or talk to the customer support for cancellation. For your DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority), you will have to visit the online portal and choose the β€œmove out” option. After settling the final bill, you will receive your deposit back through the selected way. 

9. Choosing a Shipping Company

Compare quotes from multiple shipping companies before you make the final decision. It is best to opt for their packing service to avoid breakage during the move. Lastly, make sure to provide all the necessary info to get accurate estimates.

10. Saying Goodbye to All Your Friends 

The process of moving is exhausting and stressful. If you hire professional movers, you can have time to spend with your friends and family before moving thousands of miles away. Use this time to enjoy and make it memorable. 


Moving to India from Dubai requires you to take a number of steps. You have to meet your landlord, visit your bank, cut down on inventory, settle your bills, and more. Upon arrival in India, you will again have to go through the process of clearance, and then settling in. In all of this, getting the best moving company should be one of your top priorities to reduce hassle. You can easily compare quotes with ServiceMarket to book international movers and packers for your move to India at the best price. 

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