10 Ways to Help You Declutter Your Home

One day your living room is spotless; a clutter-free space. The next, there are piles of papers, kids toys, clothes and random bits and pieces scattered around the room. Does this sound familiar?

Your home should be a place of comfort, where you can unwind and destress after a long day. And what is worse than coming home to a messy home? Do you look at rooms in home magazines and think ‘my home could never be that tidy’? Just follow these 10 tips to make your home clutter-free and tidy:

  1. First, set aside a day or weekend when you are free, and don’t make excuses to keep putting it off. If you don’t have free time do 15 minutes every day until everything is done.
  2. Have four boxes ready: one for items to sell, one for charity, one for items you are ‘not sure’ about, and one for rubbish. Everything else will need to be put straight away. Which leads to…
  3. Only touch each item once – so many of us move things around and end up sorting them over and over – make sure that things go straight to the correct place or the correct box.
  4. If you are not sure whether you need to keep an item then put it in the ‘not sure’ box and put those items away for a month or two. If you haven’t used them by then then you don’t really need them.
  5. Create files for your paper work and put papers away as soon as you get them. Have multiple files; one for bills, one for warranty documents, and so on. Also, have one ‘intermediary file’ for papers that need to be dealt with (such as outstanding bills) and then move them to the correct file once you have done that.
  6. Now when it comes to clothes – if they don’t fit or if you have not worn them in the past year: get rid of them. You could make money selling them at a school fair or on apps such as Melltoo.
  7. See how long you can go without buying food – use everything up in your freezer and cupboards first. This can lead to some interesting dishes and save you some money on food shopping for a couple of weeks.
  8. If you have children and they bring home lots of art work try taking photos of each piece and saving them on the computer together – add comments to remind you of how and when they were created. This will greatly reduce the piles of paintings that will usually end up being thrown away anyway after a while.
  9. Once you have filled the boxes make sure you take them to the charity shop, throw out the rubbish and sell the items you want to sell. Otherwise you may end up storing them.
  10. Don’t buy anything new for at least a month, apart from groceries, this will help you to realise how often you buy things you can live without.

Once you have sorted through your home, make sure to keep it decluttered by spending a few minutes each day putting items back in their rightful places. If you have a big family; here’s an additional tip: create a “everything box” for each family member and keep that box by their door in their bedroom. Put any items that they leave hanging around in their box for them to sort out. If you have young children, you can make this into a game, for everyday they have an empty box and a clean room, award them a sticker, and then give them a treat for every 10 stickers they accumulate.

Make sure to book a cleaner to help you clean while you sort through your belongings. Nothing is better than coming home to a spotless and clean home.

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