10 Weird Questions People Ask About Storage Units in Dubai

funny weird questions storage in Dubai

Residing in Dubai, the thought of renting a storage space must have gone through your mind at least once. With regular shifting and constant traveling, the need for self-storage becomes all the more important. And so, ServiceMarket is here again with its top-class services. Partnering with the most reliable storage companies in town, it can provide you with the best storage unit in Dubai.

However, before moving forward with it, a series of questions might have rushed through your brain. And so, we are here with a list of 10 weird questions that people in Dubai have googled about storage units.

10 Weird Questions People Ask About Storage Units in Dubai

Can You Live in a Storage Unit?

You never know what life can throw at you and when. Although unfair at times, that’s just the way it is. For instance, homelessness is something experienced by many. And if god forbid you are ever on the verge of it, living in a storage unit should be off your list. It is not only illegal but also highly risky. Since most self-storage spaces do not have proper ventilation, living in them can suffocate you. Also, with strict security and cameras everywhere, you can easily get caught and face serious repercussions. So, please stay away from such illegal acts! 

Can You Rent a Unit for Your Pet?

Just like it is dangerous for you, living in a storage unit is fatal for pets too. Whether you’re going on a vacation or work trip, do not dare to abandon your pet animals in a storage cell. These are often climate-controlled with unfavorable conditions for any living being to survive for long. So unless you want to kill your pet, do not keep it in a unit. Instead, ask a friend or a neighbor to take care of it while you’re away. And if that’s not an option, there are some pet daycares too that provide the service in the city. So resort to them instead!

Can You Store Your Kids in a Unit?

We agree that kids are a handful when you are around them all the time. And we do believe that parents also need a break every once in a while from the regular grind that parenthood is. However, a storage unit is not the place for them. Instead, you can hire a babysitter or a nanny whenever you require and treat yourself with some pampering for the day.

Can You Make It Your Workspace?

Frequent shifting is a hassle if you have an in-home workstation. Therefore, it’s better to rent out a storage unit where you can complete your work in peace without any distractions. However, some rentals may not allow you to stay for long and complete your pending work projects. So read through the guidelines of the company you choose and act accordingly. Moreover, if you run an online store, instead of cramming all your inventory at home and making a ruckus out of your living space, you can rent out a unit for stowing all that stock.

Can You Hold Jamming Sessions in a Unit?

Similarly, this also depends on the storage company you choose. Every company has its own set of rules that you have to abide by. And so, if you want a unit for band rehearsals then you’ll have to call ahead and ask them about the dos and don’ts. Some storage companies do not allow anything noisy due to the laws in place while some might not have proper access to electricity for all those instruments and music gear to be all up and running. Moreover, they might also charge extra. So ask all these questions beforehand once you find the right storage facility.

Can You Use It to Carry Out Black Magic?

Since the practice of black magic is itself banned in the UAE, doing it privately and that too in a storage unit can lead to serious consequences. According to Article 316 of the UAE’s penal code, you can get arrested and charged a hefty amount if involved in this prohibited practice. Even if it was legal in the UAE, it is not something to be carried out in a confined space such as a storage cell. The use of animal/human blood and lit joss sticks can cause a serious threat to the entire storage facility.

Can You Kidnap Someone in There?

You sure can if you want to rot in jail for the rest of your life. This heinous crime can lead to life imprisonment in the UAE. Also, storage units are not made such that humans can live there for long, so the individual you keep as hostage might die by just being there, getting you charged with murder as well.

Can You Hide a Dead Body in There?

Firstly, killing someone is totally off the hooks when it comes to the UAE or any country for that matter. Having strict laws in place, in the UAE, a person is charged with the death penalty if caught involved in a murder. More so, after killing an individual, if a person is gutsy enough to dump the body in a storage unit, he’d be pressed with double the charges as it’s one of the prohibited items in storage facilities in the emirate.

Can You Use It for Drug Dealing?

Smuggling drugs and selling them is a serious offense in Dubai. It can lead to your imprisonment, the period of which depends on the number of times you’re found guilty. Similarly, stocking drugs in a storage facility is also not permitted in the UAE and any sort of drug dealing in the premises is a big no. So stay away from it!

What Will Happen If You Don’t Pay for Your Unit?

You will first be notified so that you can make amends if forgotten. However, if you still don’t pay the dues then the company will cease your account until payment. And also, to gain their unit back, they might put your possessions on an auction if there are any. So if you don’t want to let go of your stuff, we suggest you read the contract beforehand to avoid any inconvenience regarding the storage rent.

Final Takeaway 

Now that we’ve educated you with all sorts of weird questions that come across the minds of the creative public living in the UAE, you may continue with your storage hunt. We’re pretty sure all those mind-boggling thoughts of yours have now come to rest. So wait no more and get the safest storage unit in Dubai through ServiceMarket and secure your belongings.

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