3 Factors That Can Lead to Termites in Dubai

Termites in Dubai

One of the most common pests bugging people in the UAE is the subterranean termite. Although many people think that they can do away with taking proper pest control methods for termites in Dubai since they don’t pose any direct risk to our health, these critters can inflict significant damage to properties, both old and new. In fact, termites are considered to be one of the top threats to wooden furniture and structures.

This by no means implies that every home is going to be infested with termites. However, there are 3 conditions that put a home at greater risk for being infested with termites in Dubai.

  1. Moisture: Termites thrive in damp places and most homes in Dubai provide termites with these ready-made breeding grounds, thanks to poor drainage or landscape, improperly aligned sprinklers, leaky spigots and air conditioners, without which you can’t possibly survive the summer heat in the UAE. If termites find these sources of moisture, they are more likely to explore these areas, which is why they are more conducive to termite infestations.
  2. Poor ventilation: Poor ventilation systems in homes can make a termite infestation more likely. Having improper or inadequate ventilation can lead to humid conditions, especially in narrow crawl spaces. This, of course, is not helped by the generally humid climate of Dubai.
  3. Wood to ground contact: As they say, the way to anyone’s heart is through the stomach, so placing wooden structures on the ground is a great way of welcoming termites into your home, since it provides them with food, in addition to shelter and moisture. So you might want to think twice about setting up a wooden deck or patio in your backyard, or ensure that you’ve taken proper pest control methods for termites in Dubai.

Not sure whether you’re facing a termite infestation or not? Watch out for these 5 clues around your house:

> Wondering if you are living in one of the most pest-infected areas in Dubai?

  1. Frass (termite droppings)
  2. Hollow sounds from wood when tapped
  3. Cracked paint on wooden surfaces
  4. Mud tubes on walls (especially on the home’s exterior)
  5. Discarded wings or swarms of insects around your home

If you suspect a termite infestation, it is best to hire professionals to deal it, who will come equipped with the proper gear and tools that are needed to tackle termites. You can obtain quotes from up to 3 companies who offer termites control in Dubai, and choose one that is known to effectively deal with cases of termite infestations based on customer reviews.

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