4 Pest Control Methods Used by Professionals in Sharjah

pest control methods in sharjah

Pests can be more than just a minor annoyance, even in Sharjah. Luckily, effective pest control methods in Sharjah can stop a small infestation from quickly becoming a huge risk. With a few simple precautions, you should be able to keep your home safe from a pest infestation. Of course, if it still happens despite your best efforts, you can always book a pest control company in Sharjah to help you through it. But even then, your preventive efforts could help them sort out the problem more efficiently. 

Ready to learn some effective ways that tackle unwelcome infestations? Great! Read on to get more info on protecting your home. 

Try These Effective Pest Control Methods in Sharjah 

Of course, some jobs may require a professional pest control or extermination expert. But before moving on to what professionals do, here are a few preventive measures you can take yourself. If you have been stacking a lot of cardboard boxes in your home, you could be at risk of attracting roaches, termites, and silverfish. Cracks in your tiles or the walls of your home could offer room for small rodents and other animals to hide. Uncovered or improperly disposed-of food can attract ants and larger vermin as well. Pretty soon, they’ll start reproducing and you’ll have to bring in experts to deal with them. 

ServiceMarket can help you find some of the best professional pest control companies in Sharjah. But it may still help if you had a better idea of what to expect from the company you hire. In most cases, professionals use one or more of the four following pest control treatments. Here is everything you need to know about:  


This technique involves the use of a pesticide sprayed in aerosol form. The fine mist that results from this is the β€œfog” that gives the method its name. Fogging usually involves a heavy-duty blower to direct the fog at insect infestations. Depending on the severity of the infection, the spray may involve a hot vapor. The higher temperature lets the fog stay airborne, increasing its efficacy. In most cases, fogging uses fast-acting pesticides. This means it is very important to cover up and avoid breathing in the vapor/mist. 

Heat Treatment 

Thermal pest control of heat treatment is a relatively efficient way to tackle certain infestations. In most cases, it works for smaller insects like bed bugs or silverfish. These bugs can easily wriggle into tight spaces and cracks, making them harder to get at. The thermal control method uses heat as a way around this. The professionals will gradually increase the temperature in a space or a larger structure. Heat spreads far more uniformly than a vapor mist. This lets it get to the hidden insects and exterminate them effectively. 


Fumigation uses pesticides in gaseous form to exterminate micro-organisms and larger invading pests in an area. As a first step, the professional will seal the area to make sure the chemicals or fumigants remain in the desired space. These fumes will make it harder for insects and other organisms to breathe. And with a sealed space, there is only so long they can hold their breath. Fumigation, of course, is a more complex process. So if you have to get your home fumigated, make sure you have alternate living arrangements ready. As long as the home or space remains sealed for fumigation, the pesticides could prove very dangerous. 


All pesticides are meant to kill pests. But insecticides refer to special versions aimed at killing or repelling insects. Insecticides can act in different ways. Some can target the nervous system, rendering the pests insensate for easy removal. Nastier ones may harm their exoskeletons or other functions. Repellants may release chemicals that repel insects. But some types cause insects to behave in ways that make exterminating them easier. It all depends on the type and severity of the infestation. 

There’s a Reason They’re Called Professionals

You may think a small infestation is something you can control on your own. But unless you have extensive pest control experience, that is never a good idea. You may cause serious damage or injury to yourself and your home. And even if you do manage to dodge all of that, it is likely that you won’t completely get rid of the infestation. The pests will come back. And by the time you realize it, they could have damaged your home and belongings.

The Solution 

Work with experts who have mastered the most effective and acceptable pest control methods in Sharjah. ServiceMarket is passionate about Sharjah residents having access to the services that make their lives easier. That includes putting you in touch with the pest control professionals in Sharjah. Find the right company today, and save yourself the trouble of an expensive pest control job down the road. 

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