5 Fabrics That Should Only Be Dry Cleaned

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When it comes to preserving the integrity and longevity of your luxurious fabrics, opting for dry cleaning is often the wisest laundry choice in Dubai. Among the plethora of fabric types used for clothing, there are certain materials that demand special attention to maintain their beauty and structure. These fabrics should only be entrusted to the most reliable and the best laundry in Dubai. Read on to explore fabrics that should only be dry cleaned to ensure their look, feel, and longevity.


Silk, a fabric synonymous with luxury and elegance, is highly susceptible to damage if not handled with care. Its delicate fibers can easily lose their sheen and softness when exposed to water. Dry cleaning ensures that the natural luster and texture of silk are preserved, making it the preferred method for garments such as silk dresses, blouses, and formal wear. Dubai’s humid climate can be particularly challenging for silk, making dry cleaning an essential practice to combat potential mildew or color bleeding.


Acetate, a synthetic fiber often used to create garments with a silk-like appearance, is another fabric that should be handled with extreme care. While it imitates silk’s luxurious feel, acetate is more sensitive to heat and water, and home washing may cause it to shrink or lose its shape. Therefore, all such clothes must be dry cleaned to ensure a thorough cleaning without compromising their texture.


Velvet, with its sumptuous texture and regal appearance, is a fabric that demands special care. Dry cleaning is the preferred method for velvet garments, as it helps retain the plushness and avoids any potential distortion in the pile. Velvet’s susceptibility to crushing and matting is significantly reduced when entrusted to the expertise of dry cleaners. Whether it is a velvet gown or a tailored blazer, opting for dry cleaning ensures that the fabric’s luxurious feel remains intact.


Wool, a popular choice for winter wear in Dubai’s cooler months, demands careful attention to maintain its warmth and texture. Unlike some other fabrics, wool can shrink when exposed to water and heat. Professional dry cleaners are equipped to clean wool garments without compromising their structure or causing shrinkage, ensuring that your cozy winter wardrobe remains as comfortable and stylish as ever.


Taffeta, with its crisp texture and subtle sheen, is a fabric often chosen for special occasions. However, its delicate nature makes it prone to water stains and wrinkles. Dry cleaning is the go-to solution for taffeta garments, as it effectively removes stains and maintains the fabric’s crisp finish. 


Leather jackets and other accessories made of this material are durable but require specialized care to maintain the look and feel. Unlike other fabrics, leather does not react well to water and can develop unsightly water spots. Dry cleaning leather items involves a meticulous process that cleans and conditions the material, preserving its suppleness and preventing cracks. Therefore, investing in professional dry cleaning for your leather pieces is crucial.

Additional Fabrics

While silk, acetate, velvet, wool, and taffeta top the list, there are several other fabrics that also benefit from dry cleaning. Delicate fabrics such as chiffon, lace, and organza, as well as intricate garments adorned with beads or sequins, should be entrusted to professional dry cleaners to ensure meticulous care. These fabrics may have specific care requirements that make dry cleaning the safest and most effective choice for maintaining their quality.


By understanding the unique needs of fabrics like silk, acetate, velvet, wool, and taffeta, and entrusting them to professional dry cleaners, you ensure quality, and longevity of your clothes.

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