5 FAQs about Storage Units in Dubai

storage units in Dubai

Everybody needs storage space for any number of reasons. For those in the UAE, storage units in Dubai are among the most efficient options around. But it is a good idea to look up everything you can about storage companies in Dubai and how they work.

A self-storage format is a very convenient one. But the real challenge is picking out the right type of storage space based on your needs. Not to mention the items you intend to store! 

Here are 5 important FAQs that could help you narrow down your choices:

The Right Questions to Ask About Storage Units in Dubai?

What items do you need space for? How much volume will they need? What kind of extras would help? These are all key questions that can help you get to the right self-storage service for you. But to save you the trouble of figuring it through trial-and-error here’s a list of questions people generally ask when looking for a storage unit: 

1) Is the Warehouse Shared or a Personal Lockable Space?

The kind of storage facility is a big factor when choosing a service. Specifically, make sure you find out if the entire facility is a shared space or a personal one. Shared spaces are typically okay if you’re storing old furniture or electronics. In other words, stuff that takes up more space than the value it now offers. But if you have concerns about security or theft, then shared access isn’t the best idea. For more valuable items, you may do better with a personal space that only you or a representative from the company can access. 

2) Can The Facility Handle Food/Perishable Items?

This is a very important question to ask before signing up for anything. Storage units can be as simple as a lockbox. But they can have more advanced features, such as climate control or weather resistance. The one you pick depends on the nature and type of items you want to place in them. 

For instance, perishables like food or ingredients used in food may need climate control to stay fresh. Other items like books, paper products, or rare paintings may need weather-resistant spaces to retain their value. You could also need more sterile, purpose-built units than generic ones. Consider how you can safely store such items to make the right choice.

3) Is it a 24/7 Facility? 

Depending on how frequently you intend to visit the facility, it could be useful to check if it offers 24/7 service. This is especially useful if the drive or commute to the location takes a while. You don’t want to make a long trip only to find out the place is closed after business hours. It is also useful to have a facility with around-the-clock CCTV cameras. If it has armed security or other security measures, those should factor into your decision as well. 

4) Can You Get Long-Term Storage?

This is one of the most important factors that can affect your decision. When choosing self-storage, it is important to consider the length of the storage term. Most services offer three types of contracts to help you decide. Short-term contracts prove best if you’re only storing items there temporarily. A medium-term contract works well if you intend on storing an item for longer than a few weeks but less than a year. And for storage longer than a year, you should consider a longer service term. Choosing the right term is crucial since a service contract is a legally binding agreement. You could easily wind up paying for space you do not use for longer than you need it!

5) What Safety Contingencies Are In Place?

Safety measures and contingencies can be a huge relief for people storing valuable or irreplaceable items in a storage facility. Some spaces offer facilities that can handle everything from fires to earthquakes. Many premises have automated security systems, fire alarms, and sprinklers. Others possess concrete-based fireproof units. Serious storage units in Dubai also have backup power to keep these contingency systems running in case of a power outage. All of these can help protect your stored items from accidental damage, theft, or other risks.


Choosing the right storage unit in Dubai can save you a lot of trouble. Not only do you have a safe place to store your items, but you can also do it without overpaying. Conversely, you can avoid getting additional space under a separate contract if you do it right the first time around. All you need is to correctly choose the storage company. Hopefully, these questions will help you do that.Β Β 

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