The 5 Hardest Cars to Insure in the UAE

Car insurance in the UAE

Ever wondered why some cars are harder and more expensive to insure than others? Insurance companies look at everything including the make and model of car and even your personal driving history to determine the cost of your insurance policy. If you are looking to buy car insurance, you can use ServiceMarket to easily compare the car insurance options available to you. We work closely with car insurance companies in the UAE so have a very good understanding of which cars insurance companies perceive as being higher risk. Check out the following list of the 5 cars which are the hardest to insure in the UAE: Β Β Β Β 

1. Dodge Charger

Car insurance in the UAE

2. Chevrolet Camaro

Car insurance in the UAE

3. Ford Mustang

Car insurance in the UAE

4. Ford F-150

Car insurance in the UAE

5. GMC Sierra

Car insurance in the UAE

But why are these cars harder to insure?

Size and Power Matter:

These cars are harder to insure because statistically speaking, they are involved in a lot more accidents than your average vehicle. They have high powered engines and accelerate faster hence it is easier to lose control. Sometimes, the design itself makes insurance companies more reluctant to insure the car. Take for example, the Chevrolet Camaro; an obvious concern for insurers is the car’s very small windows which limit visibility.

… And So Does the Driver:

These cars are prominently featured in movies like The Fast and the Furious and convey the image of racing and adventure. Hence, they are often owned by younger drivers with a need for speed πŸ˜‰ . Younger drivers are sometimes perceived by insurance companies as being inexperienced and more prone to being involved in accidents. It can be difficult to get comprehensive insurance on some of these cars even if the customer is willing to pay more, especially if the driver is young and less experienced.

These Cars are Harder to Repair:

Most of these models are American muscle cars. In case of an accident, these cars are pricier to repair due to more expensive spare parts. In older models, it can be hard to find certain car parts in Dubai, which makes Dubai insurance companies less willing to offer drivers of these cars comprehensive insurance.

Higher Risks of Accidents:

Some of these models, in particular the larger truck types, typically inflict a lot of damage on other vehicles when involved in an accident. This makes the cost of insurance higher, Insurance premiums for cars such as a Ford F-150 are relatively higher, since it can cause significant damage to other vehicles in collisions.

The Road Ahead:

Even if you own one of these cars, it doesn’t mean you are completely out of options. Take a deep breath and look online at ServiceMarket to compare car insurance policies and find the best deal for your car, or better yet, get in touch with one of our experts who will guide you and help you find the most suitable coverage plan. If you own one of these hard to insure cars, but have a good driving record and your car is in good shape, we can still get you custom quotes for your car insurance in the UAE. Just contact us!

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