5 Must Have Features in a Storage Unit in Abu Dhabi

storage space for rent in Abu Dhabi

If you are on the lookout for safe and reliable storage in Abu Dhabi, finding companies that offer storage space for rent in Abu Dhabi isn’t too hard. But is the space you rent right for you? When you rent storage space in Abu Dhabi, it would be wise to ensure it comes with certain security and hazard-proof features. They could offer some additional protection to your stored possessions.

The Must-Haves In a Storage Space for Rent in Abu Dhabi

These features may not always be in action, but they certainly make a difference if the need arises. Read on to discover 5 of the best value-added attributes to look for in a storage service. 

#1. 24/7 Security and CCTV Monitoring 

Whether you’re storing older furniture or expensive electronics, you want them to be safe. After all, if they were junk you could simply discard them. Getting a storage space does not simply imply a place to stash your items. It should also offer safety and security for your stored possessions. While crime rates in Abu Dhabi are not very high, there is always the risk of your space being broken into or even vandalized. To avoid theft or vandalism damage to your property, make sure the premises has appropriate security measures in place. That includes security guards, burglar alarms, and closed-circuit video cameras. 

#2. Fireproof Concrete Blocks 

Fire damage can render the items you store completely useless. Fire insurance included in your service may prove helpful if that happens. But the safer route is to choose spaces constructed out of fireproof concrete blocks. Concrete blocks are tough and do not easily catch fire. That means even a fire in a neighboring storage unit will pose a smaller threat. Since concrete does not burn, only an accidental fire in the unit or arson could damage your items.

#3. Sprinklers or Other Contingencies 

 Of course, fireproof concrete blocks will go a long way to protect your stored items from harm. But the items you store may still carry the risk of catching fire. An electrical short, a carelessly discarded cigarette, and even deliberate arson could still damage your property. That is why contingencies like fire alarms and automatic sprinklers are important key features. They act as a failsafe in the event of a fire. Smoke detectors can sound the alarm, while sprinklers can help douse the fire early on. In many cases, these contingencies can generate an automatic alert to the local fire department. In other words, they add an additional shield against accidental or deliberate fire damage.  

#4. Climate Control for Perishable Items 

Climate control features may not always be high up on the list of must-haves in a storage unit. However, they are usually the norm if you intend to store perishable items like food or edible goods. Without controlled temperatures, these items tend to lose their shelf life faster than normal. A climate-controlled space or specialized racks can help slow down their decay to manageable levels. Therefore, always look for climate-controlled options when the items possess a perishable nature. 

#5. Regular Pest Control and Cleaning 

A pest infestation could pose serious risks to the items you have in storage. Termites, silverfish, and booklice can all be very real threats. That’s not to mention a rodent infestation that could literally take chunks out of your property. A storage facility with regular pest control measures and general cleanliness is usually a safe option. Pest control methods can help keep away pests and deal with an infestation before it grows. Cleanliness and proper waste disposal leave little room for rodents to feed and grow. Therefore, both of these can help protect your stored possessions from damage resulting from pests or vermin. 

All Storage Providers Are Not the Same

It is easy to find storage space for rent in Abu Dhabi based on the first ad you see. But unless you do your research on the features offered, that is risky. Luckily, ServiceMarket has an extensive catalog of storage companies in Abu Dhabi that can help you find the right one. Choose a suitable company after getting service quotes and comparing them.

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