5 Services Movers & Packers in Dubai Provide Other Than Moving or Packing

additional services provided by movers and packers in Dubai

We understand how nerve-wracking moving to a new place in Dubai can be. There is a lot to do other than just packing and moving your stuff. Managing the complete move by yourself can be terrifying.

But you don’t have to worry! Movers and packers in Dubai can help you with a lot more than just moving. This article highlights all the services that moving companies in Dubai can offer you. 

Services Movers and Packers provide other than Moving or Packing:

The best movers and packers in Dubai will not only help you with moving and packing, but they will also provide you with services like

1. Storage Services:

As you know, finding enough space at your place where you can store the excess is nearly impossible. Hence the need for a self-storage unit is the need of the hour! 

As a resident in Dubai, you know how frequent moving is for its residents. A storage unit of your own can be a lifesaver for you. Luckily there are moving companies like ServiceMarket in Dubai that can help you!

ServiceMarket has partnered with various companies that offer the best storage facilities in Dubai. Not just this, it will also provide you with the most genuine customer reviews with a comparison of prices so you can hire the best storage unit in Dubai.

2. Maintenance & Handyman Services:

It is another reason why moving in Dubai, if done by movers and packers, is more convenient. All alone, you would not be able to take care of the fixings, maintenance, and moving all by yourself.

Hence, ServiceMarket has partnered with a whole variety of professionals to make sure that no matter whatever issues you face; it will offer you a reliable handyman on the go to handle all your tasks.

The companies associated with ServiceMarket employ the best handyman who will do anything from hanging curtains to expanding kitchen cabinets, including

  • Maintenance
  • Fixing Doors
  • TV mounting
  • Plumbing
  • Carpentry

All you have to do is install the app and book your handyman. They will take care of the rest!

3. Furniture Assembling:

Moving in Dubai can be complicated, and you would not want to make it more complex by taking in the responsibility of assembling your furniture yourself. It is best to hire a professional to assemble the furniture for you!

Hence, buying new furniture can be fun until it’s time to put it together! You would never want to waste hours to understand and make sense of the user manual. Hiring professionals to do so would be the best solution for you!

From assembling furniture to disassembling it for moving and storage, moving companies in Dubai have sorted it all for you:

  • Curtain hanging
  • Putting up blinds or drapes
  • Assembling chairs and tables
  • Assembling your beds, cupboards, and drawers

4. Electrical Services:

When you decide to move in Dubai, along with maintenance, furniture assembling, and cleaning, you would need to hire an electrician for sure.

Moving with professional movers in Dubai makes it easier for you. You will not have to worry about fixing lights and chandeliers yourself. The moving company will offer you electrical services like

  • Installation of switches and sockets
  • Installation of transformers
  • Setting up your music system
  • And other electrical repairs and fixes

5. Take My Junk:

Some movers offer services like Take my Junk to movers. They understand that with all the packing and moving, disposing of the junk is another huge task.

These companies will not only help you with assembling your furniture at your new place but will also take responsibility of taking the unwanted, damaged and old furniture that you will not need at the time of moving.   

Hence, the most cost-effective way of getting rid of your unwanted items is to get them discarded or sold at a reasonable price to those who need them.


In a nutshell, moving in Dubai can be tiring, but if you choose to hire the best movers and packers in Dubai by the best moving companies, this will lighten your burden!

At ServiceMarket, you will find all the additional facilities you will need when you move to your new home in Dubai. Start with reading reviews and comparing ratings and you will end up finding the best services for yourself.

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