5 Tips That Can Make Laundry Day Easy in Dubai

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Laundry; the one chore that never seems to end, especially if you have kids, and/or you are working in Dubai. But what if you could book the best laundry service in Dubai?   

Whether you are a professional, a student, or a busy parent, laundry day is inevitable. Apart from hiring dry cleaning or ironing services in Dubai, here are a few tips to optimize your laundry routine.Β 

Plan Ahead 

Instead of waiting for your clothes to pile up, schedule a regular laundry day. Whether it is once a month or twice, stick to this routine. A city’s dynamic lifestyle often makes it challenging to take out time for household chores, so planning can be a savior. If you are pressed for time, consider creating reminders on your mobile for laundry days.  

Sort Clothing Beforehand 

The process of sorting is not just about colors, but also about understanding the fabric types and wash requirements of each garment. Save time and avoid any hiccups by sorting your clothes into specific categories. These could be colors, whites, and those requiring extra care. Materials like silk, wool, or any fabric with embroidery or embellishments should be separated to avoid damage. Heavy garments like denim can be grouped together.  

Also, consider sorting clothing based on temperature requirements. Some clothes need cold water washing, while others might withstand warmer temperatures. This not only streamlines the washing process but also ensures the longevity of your clothes. This sorting strategy can be a real game-changer, ensuring your clothes always look and feel the best.Β 

Opt for Quality Over Quantity 

While it might be tempting to cram as many clothes as possible into one wash day, doing so can lead to friction damage, inadequate cleaning, insufficient rinsing, and excessive dye transfer. All of this can degrade the quality of the garment. To ensure longevity, consider washing smaller groups or increasing the frequency of laundry. Do it twice instead of once a month. This approach is especially vital where high temperatures can intensify stains and odors, making them harder to remove. 

Keep a Laundry Kit Handy 

It is beneficial to always have a laundry kit ready in the laundry room. This kit should include stain removers, a lint roller, mesh bags for delicate items, and a basic sewing kit for any quick fixes. With these laundry essentials, you can quickly address any unexpected spills or tears, especially if you are heading out for an important event or meeting.  

Additionally, having a designated spot in your laundry area for this kit means you will not waste time searching for these items when they are urgently needed. 

Use Clothes-Friendly Laundry Products 

Always use the best laundry products for your clothing. From detergents to fabric softeners, the right product can enhance the life of your clothes and keep them smelling and looking fresh. A quick online search or chat with your local laundry expert can guide you in the right direction. In an arid climate, where clothes tend to dry out faster, using moisturizing fabric softeners can be particularly beneficial. 

Choosing a Professional Laundry & Ironing Service in Dubai 

Don’t have time to actively follow these tips? Professional laundry services can simplify this repetitive and daunting task for you. With online booking of laundry and ironing service Dubai, you can select the date and time for your laundry service. You can also choose from various pricing options and use a 24-hour express service for those urgent needs. With services available seven days a week, you are guaranteed freshly cleaned clothes anytime you need them.  

So, for those times, or when you would rather enjoy the city’s delights than deal with dirty laundry, book a dry cleaning service in Dubai with ServiceMarket. We partner with the best service providers to ensure your laundry is handled with maximum care. 

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