5 Ways to Cockroach-Proof Your Home Before Going On Holiday

A woman traveling after cockroach proofing her home

Summer in Dubai is nobody’s favourite time of the year – so it’s not surprising that most people choose to escape the heat for a few weeks. Unfortunately, rising temperatures and humidity make it the best time of the year for your not-so-friendly neighbourhood cockroach(es) to make a reappearance.

So how do you make sure that you don’t come back from your idyllic vacation to a cockroach-infested reality? We had a chat with our pest control partners about how you can ensure that your home stays roach-free while you’re away, and they shared 5 important tips with us:

  1. Clean up before you leave: Packing and preparing for your holiday can be mess-inducing – but make sure that you do a thorough cleanup before you leave. Wipe down surfaces to remove food crumbs, clean your kitchen and take out the trash. Any debris or food waste left in your trash can for a few weeks will invite in cockroaches.
  1. Don’t leave food lying around: Your kitchen can be a breeding ground for cockroaches if you tend to leave leftover food out. Make sure that any fruits and vegetables are safely sealed or covered and kept in the fridge and seal dry food items in airtight containers. Be especially careful with any cooked food items. These should be stored in the freezer or the refrigerator.
  1. Fix leaks and drains: If you have any dripping taps or clogged drains that leave pools of water in your kitchen or bathroom, get them fixed before you leave. Cockroaches need water to live as well and standing water will attract them to your home.
  1. Clear paper waste: If you tend to hoard empty boxes, cartons or newspapers, clear them out. Dark and dry spaces are potential homes to cockroaches.
  1. Seal cracks and crevices: If you live in an apartment, you probably know the pain of having unwanted visitors of the crawling variety because someone down the hall has an infestation. One way to ensure that these visitors don’t settle down in your home while you’re away is to seal the crack under your apartment door with duct tape or a rubber stopper right before leaving. You may also do so with windows.

These preventive measures will go a long way to ensure that you don’t have unwelcome occupants when you return after your relaxing vacation.

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However, if you have already spotted cockroaches in your home, don’t wait for it to become a full-blown infestation! Get quotes for a professional cockroach treatment in the UAE – they come with guarantees of up to 6 months of a cockroach-free home.

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