6 Reasons Why Professional TV Wall Mounting in Dubai Is a Good Idea

safe TV wall mounting in Dubai

The overall look and design of TVs have changed a lot. They are now getting larger and thinner. Hence, it’s no wonder why people like to go with a professional when getting their TV mounted, especially in Dubai where safety is prioritized above all else.

A study says that TV is the second most popular media in the UAE where a person watches television for an average of 3.07 hours per day. Considering that, it can be said that TVs are becoming more integrated with the lives of people. Therefore, many households actively look to book a TV mounting service. You can rely on such services for safe TV wall mounting in Dubai. It is a much safer option as compared to doing it yourself or placing it on a TV stand!

Professional TV Wall Mounting in Dubai Homes – Why to Go for It

Nothing screams entertainment quite like watching your favorite shows on television. However, the way you watch TV can affect your viewing experience. Getting your TV mounted by a professional has many benefits. Check them out below:

#1. Saves Space

One of the main perks of mounting TVs is that it will save up significant floor space that would otherwise be utilized by a media cabinet or a TV stand. This will help reduce the clutter in your entertainment space, giving the area a cleaner look. Plus, mounting a television will come in handy if you have a large family living in your apartment in Dubai.

#2. Safety

As today’s televisions are much lighter, they are more susceptible to tipping over. Also, leaving them unsecured can pose a threat to children. This is especially true in the case of toddlers who are used to playing with tablets and smartphones. They may think that the TV is a touchscreen and so, they may try to swipe or grab it. By mounting your television on the wall, your kids will not be able to access it. This will give you peace of mind, and also eliminate any dangers of your TV falling over.

#3. Offers Multiple Viewing Angles

If you want to get the most out of your television, you will want to have the option of enjoying it from different viewing angles. A full-motion TV mount is your answer! It will give you the flexibility and freedom to position your television in any way you want. The device will be equipped with tilt, swivel, and extension capabilities that will not only reduce glare but will also enhance the line of sight. It will allow you to enjoy the television without putting any strain on your eyes.

#4. Increases Aesthetic Appeal

Mounting your television on a wall will also give your home a more aesthetic appeal. Your apartment will look modern and pleasing to the eye. Moreover, it will elevate the design appearance of your home. You can also try out different options for minimizing cable clutter which will give your entertainment room a more sophisticated look and feel.

#5. Eliminates the Need to Invest in a TV Stand

Another reason why mounting your TV is a good option is because it is cost-effective. You will only need to invest in TV wall mounts which are quite economical. Also, this will save you from getting a TV stand which depending on the design and build can cost a lot. Plus, it will take up space in your apartment which you can use for other things. Moreover, it will take a lot of time in choosing the right TV stand which you can otherwise utilize in doing something productive.

#6. Provides Undisturbed Viewing Experience

Imagine this, you are using a stand for your TV and watching a crucial game when all of a sudden, your children start to run around the house. They will block your view, and you may miss watching your favorite team score a goal! Now that would be frustrating!

Luckily, you don’t have to deal with such issues if you mount your TV. A wall-mounted television will provide you with an uninterrupted viewing experience. Plus, it is secured with bolts and brackets. This means that you can’t accidentally knock the television down. So, look for a service company in Dubai and have your TV mounted.


Modern TVs have become much lighter than they were ever before. And almost all of them come with mounting holes. So, it is best to take advantage of them and opt for safe TV wall mounting in Dubai. If that seems like a task, hire an expert. ServiceMarket can help you connect with some of the best professionals that offer the TV mounting service in Dubai. All you have to do is fill out a short form and state when you want the service. They will then send over a trusted TV installation company that will take care of the whole process.

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