Mounting a TV – Why Go for Professional TV Installation in Dubai

TV installation in Dubai

Mounting a TV onto the wall in your home in Dubai is a challenging task. You have to choose the right placement, hide the wires, handle the TV with care and consider several other things. No doubt, TV mounting is something that you can do by yourself. Especially if you have done TV installation in Dubai before. However, these DIY projects don’t often go smoothly.

Hiring a TV installation company to position the TV and mount it will not only save time but also protect your walls from unwanted damage as a result of incorrect mounting on your own. So it is recommended to book a TV mounting service instead of taking it upon yourself. 

How Professional TV Installation in Dubai is Better

A TV is an expensive investment. Why take the risk of hurting yourself, damaging your property, and the TV itself when you can call a professional to do the job? 

Hiring an expert means you won’t have to waste time testing different techniques to mount the TV. Here is why professional installation is always better:

It’s Safer and More ReliableΒ 

A professionally fitted TV is always secure. Professionals have the skills and experience to install televisions in any room of your house, regardless of how high or low you want them. They also provide installation warranties if the mounting gear they used during the installation fails. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution to get quality work done, hiring a professional to do the job is the right decision! 

They Are Experts in Correct MountingΒ 

The place where you mount the TV and how you mount the TV counts. Professional mounters know what they are doing. The last thing anyone wants is to watch their TV come tumbling down from the wall and break. A handyman will mount your TV securely and accurately. 

Remember that your TV is basically going to rely on the wall for support. Any wrong move can cause serious damage. It’s best to let professionals handle everything related to mounting while you sit back and relax. 

Now imagine going through the trouble of mounting and setting up the TV and realizing it is not aligned properly. This small detail can mess up the entire viewing experience. Don’t forget that a wrong placement can put a massive strain on your eyes and neck. Letting a professional handyman do the job will ensure that your TV is mounted straight and you have a smooth experience. 

They Can Handle Any LocationΒ 

Not every wall in the house is suitable for mounting a TV. In case you need help, a trained and licensed installer can help you find the best spot for the TV. They take into account the availability of power outlets, wall studs, and other factors to determine the right location.

Since it’s their area of expertise, they know how to determine the right height to mount the TV whether it’s above the fireplace in your living room or any other room.

Have the Right Tools & EquipmentΒ 

Mounting a TV requires the right tools for correct installation. The items you will need for the job include screwdrivers, power drill, level, stud finder, measuring tape, and probably a mounting kit. Unless you do handy projects for leisure, it’s unlikely you have all the required equipment at home.

Rather than investing your time and money in buying these tools, the easier approach is to book TV mounting services. They come with all the TV mounting tools and equipment to complete the installation.

Concealing the Wires Is Part of Their JobΒ 

Once the TV is mounted successfully, next up is arranging the wires. Messy and exposed cables can ruin the entire look of a sleekly mounted TV. Cables trailing down the wall to the socket don’t look pleasing at all.

Fortunately, professionals camouflage the cables with cord cover kits. The best part is this doesn’t just hide the wires; it also ensures the cables are accessible whenever you need them. 

You Will Save Time!

Testing different locations and trying different techniques to mount the TV can take hours and hours. In fact, this can eat up your entire weekend. Save your time and hire expert TV mounting services.

When you hire a professional to install or mount your TV, you won’t have to worry about doing any of the work yourself. The handyman will arrive at your home with all the essential tools to complete the job and do it right from beginning to end!

All you have to do is tell them where you want to mount the TV and they will take care of the rest. These experts know what they are doing and they will complete the job sooner than you think.


Some things are better left to the professionals and TV installation in Dubai is one of them. These experts will handle every tricky procedure and mount your TV in one piece efficiently. 

Explore ServiceMarket to find professional TV mounting services in your area. You will see a list of licensed handymen who are experts in TV mounting in Dubai. Compare the prices, check the reviews, and book the most budget-friendly service. 

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