7 Ways Painting Companies in Dubai Can Transform Your Apartment

You have just moved into your new apartment in Dubai and you are scared to admit that you aren’t feeling as great as you thought you would. You feel like an alien invading someone else’s territory – the apartment looks too empty and bare, the walls are a dull color and it isn’t done up the way you would like it to be.

But here is an easy solution to turn your new apartment into your home: paint it!

Whether you are considering tackling the job yourself or hiring from one of the many painting companies in Dubai to do it for you through ServiceMarket, we have gathered 7 smart painting tips that can completely transform your apartment!

  1. If your apartment has narrow and long spaces, you should look at paints that have a pearl finish, instead of matte or flat ones. Pearl finish paints can add luminescence to the room and make it look more spacious than it is.
  2. If your apartment’s ceiling is more than 8 feet high, choose a color that is two shades darker than the color you are going to use on the walls. On the other hand, if it is less than 8 feet high, the color going on the ceiling should ideally be two shades lighter than the color on the walls.
  3. Painting your apartment also sometimes becomes essential if you have moved into one that feels low and dark. You can simply choose paints of different finishes in order to add some height. For example, if a matte paint is coating the walls, consider a glossier paint for the ceiling.
  4. Another great way of adding height to the room is to coat the molding with the same color that is used on the ceiling and walls.
  5. To give your apartment a more sculptural look, you can try painting your walls and furniture the same color.
  6. If you have decided to go dark on the walls, then don’t leave the ceiling white – your room will appear lower than it actually is. To prevent this from happening, use the same color on the ceiling as well.
  7. In rooms that have lower humidity levels (such as bedrooms, living rooms and halls), matte or flat paints can be used. In rooms with higher humidity levels (such as bathrooms or kitchens), semi-gloss paints would work well.

If you’re looking to hire professional painting services for apartment painting in Dubai, you can rest assured that ServiceMarket will only put you through to qualified and licensed painting companies in Dubai. You have the opportunity to go through customer reviews, obtain quotes from different painting companies in Dubai and compare their services before you choose one that suits your needs best.

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