A Complete Guide to Living in Mirdif

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Before making your β€˜big’ move, you must know the area you’re about to call β€˜home’ inside out. Like every other place, Mirdif also has its fair share of pros and cons. And so, we’re here with a complete guide to what awaits you in this popular neighborhood you’re about to relocate to.

Advantages of living in Mirdif, Dubai

Serene Space

Being one of the few areas in the city that are solely residential, Mirdif is a popular choice amongst those who prefer to be at an arm’s length from all the ruckus of the city. Secluded from the city’s commercial scene, the area offers a serene environment and peaceful setting. So, if you’re planning on raising your kids in a quiet enclosed space, this is the right place for you.


Being one of the oldest residential areas in the region, Mirdif now encapsulates a range of sub-communities including Ghoroob, Shorooq, Uptown, and Mirdif Hills. Famously known for its spacious villas ideal for families, it offers a wide array of apartments too with all sorts of family-friendly facilities.

Having world-class educational institutes and free parking space further strengthens the case if you own a vehicle or two. Therefore, hurry up and rent out a villa or an apartment in the area if you haven’t already and provide your family a safe space to thrive in.


If you’re an animal lover and owner, Mirdif is the place for you. Having a plethora of parks and most of its streets paved, the area offers a safe space for your four-legged companions. More so, Shorooq also houses a dog park where your pooch can go for a walk and socialize with its peers whenever required.

Strategic Location

With only a few minutes’ drive from the Dubai International Airport, Mirdif is sandwiched between the two famous roads of Dubai-Sheikh Mohammad bin Zayed and Emirates road. Whether your office is in Sharjah or old Dubai, the place is ideal for both. 

It’s also very close to Al Rashidiya, Dubai Festival City, and Deira, keeping it connected to the rest of the emirate.


Offering top-class housing facilities at extremely affordable rates is what makes Mirdif stand out. Its budget-friendly nature makes it a preferred choice for property owners.

Offers All Sorts of Amenities

If you see, Mirdif is a world in itself. Amenities ranging from malls, schools, parks, clinics, gyms, spas, salons, and restaurants, you can find everything and anything within the premises of this community. 

The highlights are Mushrif Park and City Centre Mirdif. Housing an astronomy center, equestrian section, and Dubai’s largest zipline, Mushrif Park is a weekend getaway for all those adventurous folks. Also, City Centre Mirdif is the go-to place for those in need of some retail therapy. Spanning a large area, the horizontally elongated structure houses all possible brands to satisfy your shopaholic instincts.

Mirdif houses some of the most prominent schools of the region; hence being a popular choice amongst families. To top off the list, Gems Royal Dubai School is located in the residential community of Al Mizhar 1. Offering top-class education, it is one of the highest-ranked institutions of the city.

Apart from this, some other outstanding schools offering various sorts of curricula in the area include Uptown School, Dar Al Marefa, and Mirdif American School.

Disadvantages of living in Mirdif, Dubai

Air Traffic

Located right behind the airport, the place may get a tad noisy at times due to frequent landings and take-offs. However, only a fraction of the entire area that is closer to the airport experiences this issue.

Non-Freehold Area

Most of Mirdif being a non-freehold zone, foreigners and immigrants cannot invest in properties here. However, with the advent of new developmental projects like Mirdif Tulip and Mirdif Hills, this is slowly changing. So, if you want, you can try your luck on some of the freehold parts of the community. 

Metro not Accessible

Although the metro station is at a distance from Mirdif, a few public buses are running in the area that can take you to the station.

Therefore, if you own a vehicle, well and good. Even if you don’t, it isn’t a problem as you can still commute in public buses available in the area.

Final Takeaway

By highlighting both the pros and cons of living in the area, we’ve given you a complete guide to making your stay in Mirdif worthwhile. As the perks of living here outweigh its disadvantages, it surely is not a bad steal and that too at such an affordable rate. So, what are you waiting for? Move in now!

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