How to Announce Your Engagement in Dubai

Catering ideas for your engagement in Dubai

We absolutely understand that you must be bursting with the news of your engagement, but take a deep breath and make a small plan on how to announce it to the whole world. Since shouting from the rooftop isn’t an option, ServiceMarket has listed a few options for you.

In person

Close family and friends like to hear such big news directly from you. The best way to do this is to announce it when you meet them. You can do this by hosting a small dinner at your place. This gives your loved ones the opportunity to get all the special details from you and fuss over you. It is also great to get to see everyone’s reactions. If any of the parents don’t know, it is respectful to tell them first. You can do this before you host the dinner. Β 

Via phone

You should write down all the people who are important to you, but don’t live closeby and would expect a phone call for such important news. You don’t want to accidentally forget informing anyone. So go ahead and give your grandmother back in England a gushy phone call as soon as you can.

Via snail mail

Traditionally, the parents sent a handwritten note to all their relatives and friends informing them of the engagement. Nowadays, especially if you have decided a wedding date, you can mail everyone who is out of town a save-the-date card. Of course, the mailing list should only include people whom you actually want at the wedding. Since you want the announcement to be memorable, hire an excellent Dubai photographer to take your pictures for the card.

Via email

Since it is not practical to give everyone a call, your next list should be of people who won’t get offended if they receive the announcement digitally. Any friends of yours that you regularly keep in touch with via email, can be informed through this route. You can also send them a link to your wedding website, if you have one up by now, so that they can stay in the loop. Personalize the website by posting photos of you and the ring that have been taken at a photo studio in Dubai.

With an engagement party

If all of this seems like too much work, the easiest way to inform everyone that is in the same city as you is to throw an engagement party. This way you can inform everyone close to you all at once. You can hire a catering company in Dubai to take care of everything for you so that you don’t get swamped with planning and hosting. Of course, anyone who is invited to the engagement party should be on the guest list for the wedding.

Via social media

This route should only be taken for casual acquaintances after everyone else has been informed. Upload a photo that a professional photographer took of you and post it along with the announcement on the social media platforms you commonly use.

If you aren’t sure about what to look for when scouting for photo studios in Dubai, read this guide.

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