Are You Allowed to Use Nanny Cams in Dubai?

nanny cams in Dubai

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No matter how much of a trustworthy nanny you get for your child, he/she is a stranger after all, especially during the first few days of his/her job. To cater to all your inhibitions as a parent and to ensure your child’s safety, you can install nanny cams in your house. Now you might be thinking that as residents of Dubai, are you allowed to use them? Well, in that case, we suggest you continue reading and figure it out yourself!

Is it Legal to Use Nanny Cams in Dubai?

Nanny cams are a great way to keep a check on what your child is up to during your time away from home. Also, it aids you in having a look at how your child is being treated in your absence.

However, no matter how useful and important these have become for parents, they are only legal if used appropriately. 

Let the Nanny Know

In UAE, even though there are no set rules for the installation of nanny cams, one clear thing is that if you plan on befitting them, you should take the nanny in confidence and let him/her know about them beforehand.

By doing this, you’d inculcate in him/her a sense of importance. This will make him/her feel a part of your family. In addition, you’d be on the right track legally as well. Recording someone’s activities without them knowing is considered to be a breach of privacy, and can lead to severe legal implications if reported. 

As mentioned in a Khaleej Times article, a person got arrested recently for spying over a family through hacking their security cameras on the same charges. So beware!

No Personal Interests

Make sure to never use any of the recorded footage for your personal gains as that can also put you in trouble if caught.

Only in Public Areas

Never try planting these cams in areas that are too personal for babysitters like the bathroom and/or a bedroom they live in (if they are full-time employees).

Try encapsulating only the living room, the kid’s room, the kitchen, and the outdoor play area (if there is any). Recording any private activities of nannies and that too without them knowing is illegal to the core.

The Importance of Nanny Cams

Now that you know that nanny cams are legal for you to use in all of UAE, you might be thinking of why you should use them. Therein, we’ve outlined a few of their benefits for you to reach a decision.

Personal Satisfaction of Parents

No matter how trustworthy the babysitters are, parents are built such that they get their peace of mind only when they have their kids in front of their sight, digitally in this case.

Keep the Parents in Loop

Nanny cams help parents stay in touch with their kids’ developmental stages that they can otherwise miss out on due to work or any other important commitments.

Moreover, if god forbid, any emergency occurs, these cams help parents take immediate action without wasting much time.

Ensure Your Child’s Safety 

Lastly, we recommend you choose your babysitters wisely: those whom you can blindly trust your kids with. Nonetheless, you can still use these cams to keep a check on the treatment of your little ones and ensure their safety.

You can also reach a better decision of whether your child is in safe hands or not while you’re away through these digital beasts.

Final Takeaway 

By now, you’d be aware of the fact that you are legally allowed to install nanny cams in your house in Dubai, only if used appropriately. However, with these cams in place, you cannot only check if your child is well-treated or not, but you can also be as much a part of your child’s upbringing as the nanny is. 

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