The Best Appetizers for Your Next Party

Appetizers for parties in Dubai

About to host a dinner party at your home in Dubai? We have prepared a yummy list of appetizers you could serve that will be loved by your guests. If you don’t have time to make them yourself, consider hiring a catering company in Dubai. However, if you like to cook and have some time on your hands, these recipes are pretty easy to follow.

Chicken Drumstick Lollipops

Writing about this appetizer has us running to take an early lunch break since it makes us so hungry. Tasty, delicious and moist, this appetizer takes a few minutes for marinating and then it has to be baked for about 20 minutes. Check the recipe of Chicken Lollipop Drumsticks to make these yummy lollipops and feel free to alter it according to your own taste. The dish will not only be loved by guests of all ages, it can be arranged beautifully on a platter to add charm to your dining table.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

We were never big on vegetables but this might just make us change our stance. The bites can add the right amount of tanginess to the menu. It’s not just delicious, it is healthy to boot which makes it more of a winner. It takes about 50 minutes to make but the recipe is pretty straight forward. You would be glad to know that it fits the bill for a delicious appetizer and will make a yummy addition to your party menu.

Fried Ravioli

If made to perfection, even the crunch can be to die for! These bite-sized beauties are sure to make your upcoming party a hit. With our favorite combination of ingredients, namely pasta and cheese, it is a scrumptious dish that can be indulging for all. Serve it hot and fresh and you will have everyone drooling over it. It is easy to make with the right recipe. Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside: it’s sure to win a lot of hearts!

Caesar Salad Taco Bites

Caesar salad and a taco at the same time?! We are sold! One of the best ways to serve salad to a crowd, it will add a great versatility to the menu. Filling and tasty at the same time, you just need some basic ingredients and you’re good to go. These mouth-watering pieces are set to make you a famous party thrower.

Smoked Salmon Pinwheels

Our taste buds are tingling at the thought of tasting these bite sized appetizers! A little different from the usual appetizers, this one is going to make the salmon lovers fall in love with it. This is one of the easiest ones to make and takes only a short amount of time. Having these on your menu, you will be ready for your party right on time. Serve these pinwheels with an array of sauces and your guests will not be able to resist it.

We can assure you that your guests will love these appetizers and ask you for the recipes. So go ahead and serve these at your next dinner party in Dubai. If you need help preparing dishes, hire a catering service in Dubai to get it right for you!

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