How to Find the Best Relocation Services for Your Move to Lebanon

Best relocation services for your move from Dubai to Lebanon

Moving from Dubai to Lebanon? While the actual process might be taxing, we hope that you are excited about starting this new part of your life. To help you find the best relocation services in Dubai for your move, ServiceMarket international moving experts have prepared this brief guide on the criteria you need to have before finalizing one.

Decide on a Budget

Before you send in your details to ServiceMarket, take a look around your home and try to figure out the amount of stuff you will be taking with you. Look up the average cost of shipping and come up with a mental budget, keeping in mind that there are additional costs to take into consideration. Some relocation services will include these extras in a quote, items like custom duty fees, handling costs, examination price, insurance, and handymen services. You might also be charged extra if you live on a higher floor and there’s no access to an elevator. Write down the types of tasks you will need from a relocation company in Dubai and work off that list for maximum efficiency.

Online Research

Have you read up on the company you’ve chosen? It’s one of the most important things to do as past customers give honest, crucial, and detailed feedback on their experience with a specific company. Take the time to browse the internet for reviews, ratings, and comments left by previous clients. It’s also advisable to check out the relocation company’s website and see how professional or organised it is; this gives a slight indication over the type of management team they have. Another guaranteed method to find out if a company is as reliable as it says is by word of mouth. For the next couple of days, ask around about relocation companies in Dubai and see what your friends, family, and coworkers have to say. They may have heard great things about one place and can guide you to an excellent company you’ve never heard of before.

Type of Shipping

When you’re looking for the best relocation services in Dubai for your move to Lebanon, you must find out what type of shipping they offer. For example, are you looking for a door-to-door option? If so, be prepared for a higher cost on the quote you receive. This service will include packing up of your entire home and delivering it to the door of your new place in Lebanon. If that’s not what you’re looking for, you can always ask if the company offers door-to-port; meaning you’ll pick up your items and belongings at the port in Lebanon. The downside here is that you must arrange for transport from the port in Lebanon to your new house. The last type available is port-to-port; which is the least convenient, yet cheapest, of all the options since you have to get your items to the port in Dubai and get them picked up from the port in Lebanon.

Are They Equipped?

It’s important to find out just how equipped the relocation company that you choose to trust with your belongings. Make sure they have the right number of movers, trucks, and equipment to handle your move to Lebanon. Another point to watch out for is the branding of their equipment; if there isn’t any branding, logos, or signs, this could mean they’re not as professional as they stated and are hiring these trucks for the day or aren’t licensed. You need to know the service providers coming to your home are trained, professional, and worth the value of the quote they sent.

Accepting Quotes

Make sure the selected relocation company in Dubai pays you a visit to survey your belongings. Do not accept quotes from international movers that don’t come and inspect the load to carry because that’s a sign they are fraudulent. You shouldn’t just accept the lowest one from all the quotes you receive either. After you have figured out the average cost, pick a company that is charging you about the same. Once you agree on one that includes offers every service you’re looking for, you must contact the company and ask them any questions on your mind.

Ask for Everything in Writing

After negotiating and deciding on an amount that suits both parties, ask the company to send you your full agreement in writing. This way, there’s no confusion or chance for mistakes since it’s all recorded. This way you also get to read the fine print before you sign anything.

Try to avoid using cash as much as possible during the moving process and ask whether the company accepts cheques or credit cards. Companies that work with cash are usually trying to scam you.

It can be daunting to start getting ready for a big move; but ServiceMarket is here to help. Whatever service is associated with relocation companies in Dubai can be found on one platform. Send in your details and receive a number of quotes from qualified, professional relocation services that will make this next course of action in your life as smooth as possible.

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