Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Car Maintenance

Car maintenance and insurance in Dubai

The health and lifespan of your car depends on how well you take care of it. Whether you bought a brand new car or purchased a used one from CarSwitch.com, skimping on car maintenance means that you won’t get the most out of your new ride. The Dubai car insurance experts at ServiceMarket bring you plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t neglect your vehicle.

Discover issues

Little mole hills can turn into mountains if left neglected when it comes to cars. Regular maintenance gives you a snapshot of your car’s condition so that you can fix any minor issues before they become major ones.

Less chances of breakdown

No one wants to be stuck on a busy freeway interchange due to a breakdown. To avoid such dangerous mishaps, take your car regularly to the mechanic. This way you will be able to catch the tiny tear in the engine belt before it turns into a case of you being stranded on the side of the road.

Extend the life of your car

You won’t have to replace a beloved car too soon. Plus, this ensures that you will get your money’s worth from your investment.

Better performance

A well maintained car is a smoother drive. Regular repair and replacement of worn and damaged parts ensures that your car isn’t relying on parts that aren’t working properly and won’t further damage key components with added stress. Small maintenance tasks such as oil changes and alignments can go a long way to ensure that your car performs well on the road.

Save money in the long run

Maintenance is expensive, but generally cheaper than major repairs caused by neglect. For example, a simple car wash gets rid of dirt, grime, debris which are ingredients for rust formation. You can easily wash the car yourself over the weekend. Otherwise, you might be faced with a rusted panel which can cause several hundred dirhams to repair.

Preserve the car’s resale value

While the car you bought may have great resale value, the way you take care of it determines whether it will still have good resale value when you are about to sell it. If you have been frequently avoiding taking it to the auto shop and getting much needed maintenance work done, chances are you won’t be able to sell it at a good price. No one wants to own a poorly maintained vehicle.

Keep safe

If you don’t attend to your car’s maintenance needs, you will compromise the safety of you and anyone else who frequently travels in your car. A lot of people stint on car tyre maintenance, when in fact, tyres are the only things making contact with the ground and keeping you on the road. Burst tyres are a common cause of road accidents in the city. Inspection of brakes is another thing that should be high on your list of priorities. These are parts that allow your car to stop. And any damage to them, can be expensive to your health and pocket.

Achieve better mileage

Little maintenance β€œmusts” such as oil filter change, will improve fuel mileage. This will help you save on your monthly fuel bill.

Besides car maintenance, another thing that you shouldn’t skimp on is purchasing a good car insurance policy. ServiceMarket is a comprehensive online platform where you can get multiple free quotes from reputable car insurance companies in Dubai, compare rates, read customer reviews and purchase a policy in a matter of minutes.