7 Catering Ideas for a Beautiful Baby Shower in the UAE

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Planning a baby shower for a dear friend or family member? The pressure to plan everything perfectly can be challenging, nevertheless, celebrating the impending arrival of a new life is always a heartwarming moment. Once you’ve got the main details worked out, it is time to focus on the food. Since food is the main attraction at any party, it can be fashioned as the centrepiece of your baby shower. There are plenty of caterers in the UAE that specialize in providing food for parties including baby showers. Aside from seeking help from caterers, it is also important to add your personal touches to make the day all the more special. Here are some food ideas that the mother-to-be will love:

Throw it with a theme

Having a theme always makes it easier to throw a party. Choose customized food options that go along with the theme. Think about selecting a theme that highlights a shared love of the expectant parents such as this sailing inspired dessert table.

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Tea party baby shower

Is the mommy- to-be a tea addict? Then why not indulge her by hosting a charming tea party inspired baby shower, featuring decadent scones, bite-sized sandwiches and other sweet delicacies.

Β Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Brunch baby shower

For some, brunch is not a just meal but an essential weekly social event. If this is the case with your expectant mother, then throw her a leisurely brunch themed baby shower featuring her favorite dishes.

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Gender reveal baby shower

Surprise the guests by revealing the gender of the impending bundle of joy. For the expectant parents, it can be precious moment that they get to cherish with close friends and family. Gender reveal cakes are common – and why not add in some balloons and decorations to match. A recent trend is to dye the inside of the cake with either blue or pink food coloring, so that when the cake is cut open, the gender is revealed.

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Include the mommy-to-be’s favorite food

Every expectant mother has pregnancy cravings. Include some of her favorite food indulgences at the baby shower to highlight her journey through pregnancy. It is the perfect way to add warmth and whimsy to the festivities. Β Β Β Β 

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Have a barbecue

A barbecue themed baby shower can be an ideal way to host a couples party. Acknowledge that a baby is a shared responsibility by including the father. Invite his friends as well. Everyone loves an outdoor barbecue and the men are sure to appreciate the spread! Many catering companies in Dubai are able to do the hard work for you. Not only will they source out the best meat for the barbeque – you can hire staff to take care of the grill so that all the guests can focus on enjoying themselves.

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Icing on the cake

No bridal shower is complete without a cake. Have a delicious cake on display at the food table. Not only will it be a treat for everybody, it is also the perfect way to use dessert as a decoration. Β 

Catering ideas for a beautiful baby shower in the UAE

Every expectant mother deserves to be cherished and baby showers are the perfect opportunity. Make sure that your food offerings are up to the mark by enlisting the help of professional catering services in the UAE. You can easily and quickly find the best catering companies on ServiceMarket. Read up on the reviews left by thousands of verified customers and get free quotes before deciding on a suitable option for your baby shower.

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