Relocating From Dubai? Don’t Forget This Important Checklist!

Moving from Dubai to another country can take a lot of time and energy, and there’s a lot to remember. From choosing shipping companies in Dubai to handling all the paperwork, it can become overwhelming. So, to make sure that nothing is left to chance and make it easy to check off every step of the moving process, the experts at ServiceMarket have prepared this handy international moving checklist. 

4 weeks before your moving date: 

  • Get quotes from international movers and packers through ServiceMarket 
  • Choose a company from our list of reputable shipping companies in Dubai 
  • Confirm your moving date 
  • Donate, sell, discard, or store all furniture and any possessions you no longer want 
  • Ensure you have all the permits you need  
  • Check if your passport(s) are valid! 
  • Talk to your bank about your relocation, if necessary
  • If you have children, make sure you’ve told the school they’re leaving and obtained necessary documentation 
  • Where appropriate, book pet transport and ensure they have the right vaccinations 
  • Make arrangements to ship your car, or start the process of selling it 
  • Notify your doctor about your move, and obtain medical records as necessary 

One week before your moving date: 

  • Arrange for mail to be forwarded
  • Provide your international shippers and packers in Dubai and elsewhere with your contact telephone number and new address 
  • Create an “important documents” folder containing your marriage certificate, licenses, and birth certificates (keep this safe and on you!) 
  • Prepare all outdoor furniture and toys for your move 
  • Arrange care for your pets and children for the move, if necessary 
  • Arrange for DEWA services to be disconnected and for your final meter readings 
  • Get any deposits or credits owed to you 
  • Pick up anything being repaired or at friends’ homes, if necessary 
  • Update your building management on your moving dates and approximate times 
  • Complete your insurance proposal form

The day before your moving date:

  • Prepare your essentials bag that will have all your most important objects and documents 
  • Throw out any freezer food you won’t eat tonight and empty the fridge and freezer 
  • Say goodbye to your neighbours and remind them to leave your removal company enough room to park 
  • Do the last of your laundry and prepare your washer and dryer for moving 
  • Throw out any food or drink you won’t ship 
  • Prepare boarding passes and anything else you need to add into your essentials bag 

On the day: 

  • Show the crew leader around your home and tell them what needs to be done
  • Tell them any specific instructions you have and point out valuables 
  • Do a final check of your home before you leave to make sure nothing has been forgotten 

One of the biggest challenges is to find international movers and packers in Dubai that you can trust to ship your beloved possessions. You can do so easily through ServiceMarket by comparing quotes, reading customer reviews, comparing company ratings and checking accreditations. Keep in mind that you can avoid delays, hassles, damages, losses, and hidden charges by opting for companies with international accreditations such as FIDI and AIM.

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