Your Complete Checklist for Spring Cleaning in Dubai

Spring Cleaning in Dubai

Spring is the time to tidy up and clean your home to prepare for a busy summer, but what does spring cleaning actually consist of? How deep should your cleaning be? The experts at ServiceMarket have put together this spring cleaning checklist to help you make your Dubai home spick and span. 

What does a spring clean consist of? 

Whatever you want it to, really! Spring cleaning goes deeper than a normal weekly cleaning session. You should aim to clean the whole house and do many – or all – of those little jobs you don’t normally do. It can also include small home improvement tasks. 

Whether you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah, you’re going to be dealing with dust storms and extremely hot weather. To make your home more clutter-free, comfortable, and easy to clean, it’s a good idea to put anything you won’t be needing during the summer months in storage.Β 

Typically, ACs need to be cleaned every 2-3 months. If it’s time to get your AC unit cleaned, you’ll want to get it done soon so it works optimally through the heat. If you’re going to get your carpets cleaned, you can make it part of your spring clean, and again at the end of the summer if the dust storms have been bad. 

Consider scheduling it

Consider scheduling your cleaning sessions over a few days, a weekend, or a couple of weekends to get your house as clean as possible. This is always a good idea if you’re going to get professionals in to do the β€œbigger” jobs like cleaning your AC,  your sofas, carpets, and also grout cleaning. 

Your spring cleaning checklist 

This checklist is going to be your friend throughout the process of spring cleaning. Not only will it help you keep track of your spring clean and ensure you clean all the important areas and things, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment as you finish each task and move from room-to-room. Here’s a list of all the tasks you should consider including in your spring clean:


  • Wash kitchen floor 
  • Degrease hob, grill and extractor unit 
  • Clean out fridge/freezer and clean interior
  • Clean out cabinets of out-of-date food and stains 
  • Clean cabinet doors and worktops 
  • Wash walls and door frames 
  • Clean out cutlery drawer 
  • Repair any hinges, tiles, etc 

Dining Room

  • Clean chairs and seat cushions
  • Clean dining table and side tables, sort through contents
  • Clean glass on artwork or mirrors 
  • Wash curtains 

Living Room

  • Wash curtains 
  • Sort through books 
  • Clean and rearrange shelves 
  • Clean glass and mirrored surfaces 
  • Dust TV
  • Shampoo and vacuum carpet or rugs 
  • Get your upholstery cleaned 


  • Sort through your wardrobe and drawers 
  • Strip bed and wash sheets 
  • Wipe down walls 
  • In children’s rooms, tidy and sort through toys and books 
  • Get mattresses cleaned  


  • Clear out cabinets and wipe down surfaces
  • Replace shower curtain if necessary 
  • Clean the grout. Make sure it’s included in the deep cleaning service you book. 
  • Clean the mirror
  • Clear out your makeup collection and medicine cupboard 

More tasks to consider

You don’t have to do everything on your own! If you’re looking for some extra help, you can book a professional deep cleaning service in Dubai through ServiceMarket, which only partners with vetted cleaning companies. 

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