Scientists Unveil The Dirty Reality of Your Bed Sheets

Cleaning bed sheets in Dubai

How often do you wash your sheets? Or better yet, how often should you wash your sheets? The answer varies from person to person and can be anywhere from twice a week to once every 2 months (alright, 2 months is stretching it but you probably know someone who would say that). Since there’s no hard and fast rule for it, people are generally very lax about cleaning their sheets. Until now that is: scientists are now giving you a one week deadline to wash your linens.

Can my bed sheets really get that dirty in one week?

Imagine wearing the same set of clothes for over 2 days. That’s the approximate time you spend in your bed in an entire week, given you only use it for sleeping 7 hours a day. But if you lie down to have a snack while watching a movie, reading a book or making spreadsheets for that nine o’clock meeting, then it’s probably no different than walking around in the same top and bottoms for nearly 3 days in a row.

Just what kind of dirt gets into my bed?

Regardless of how clean you or your habits are, by the end of the week your bed transforms into a melting pot of the most vile filth imaginable. Just how long is that list? See for yourself:

  • Dirt
  • Dust
  • Dead skin cells
  • Fungal spores
  • Bacteria
  • Sweat
  • Saliva
  • Hair (both yours and your pets if you have any)
  • Food (if you’re someone who likes to wake up to breakfast in bed)

It’s not a cute list either in size or content, and frankly it’s unavoidable. When you go about your day, you’re a magnet for various kinds of dirt. By night, you deposit all that including bodily fluids, dead skin cells and hair. Did you know that we lose up to 100 individual hairs a day on average? Guess where most of that would go…

Why should I care?

Other than the fact that it’s pretty disgusting, you’re putting yourself at risk for easily avoidable diseases. When you’re down with the flu, it’s important to change your bed sheets regularly to avoid recontamination. In the same vein, it’s a better idea to clean your sheets every week to keep yourself from getting contaminated at all. And if you have any wounds, cuts or broken skin, the need to sleep in a fresh, clean set of sheets becomes all the more important. Don’t bother with cleaning at all, and you’ll be inviting all sorts of bacteria and pests to make an easy snack out of you.

What else can I do besides washing my bed sheets?

Cleaner habits are the right formula for a healthier lifestyle. By taking a bath before going to bed you’d be scrubbing yourself clean of all the dirt, spores and parasites that cling on to you during the day. Oh and don’t forget to wear a fresh set of PJs every time! If you have pets, check for fleas and routinely bathe them with anti-flea shampoos. You can also have them shaved in the summers to avoid all that annoying shedding (besides, it’s a little cruel to let your pets keep their winter fur in Dubai’s heat), and also be sure to have them vaccinated so they’re a lot safer to cuddle with when sleeping. Have a deep cleaning service in Dubai steam clean your mattress to kill off any bed bugs that might be partying in the folds.

We know that many of you just don’t have the time or the patience to clean their bed sheets every week, so why not hire a maid who can do it for you? In addition to washing your sheets on the dot, a maid can help with multiple other chores around the house, freeing up your time and relieving you of a headache. ServiceMarket lists the most reliable maid agencies in the UAE, so visit the site today and book a maid instantly!

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