How to Protect Your Family from the Flu

It’s that time of the year again when it seems like everyone has a cold and it feels like there is no way to prevent it. Whether you’re at your home or workplace, you’re surrounded by people who are ill and it feels like you’re next.

We have compiled a list of cleaning tricks for you to banish diseases from your home before they can spread. But get ready – stepping up your cleaning routine in the flu season is no mean feat! You might have to book a deep cleaning service to completely disinfect your home.


Given that bathrooms have a lot of shared surfaces and the very nature of their purpose, they should be your top priority when it comes to preventing illnesses. Disinfect the handles on the doors, faucets and toilets every day, preferably with bleach to kill germs. For a more environment-friendly disinfectant, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water. You should also ensure that the floors, mirrors, tubs and sinks are scrubbed well at least every other day.


Again, as a shared space where food is prepared, your kitchen is prone to getting contaminated and therefore should be a high priority.  The handles on the door, refrigerator door, cabinets and oven need daily disinfecting. Countertops should be wiped carefully at least a couple of times a day. Another breeding ground in the kitchen is a sink full of dirty dishes that have been used by ill people. It is ideal to get the dishes done as promptly as possible, and with water as hot as possible to kill the germs. If you’re using a dishwasher, set it to wash and dry dishes at the hottest possible setting. You should also consider investing in a steam mop. Not only are they adept at removing stains, but mops heated to 200 F kill most types of bacteria.


It’s not uncommon for people to confine themselves to their bedroom for some much-needed rest as well as to prevent infecting other people. Again, door handles, light switches, bedside tables, etc. all need to be disinfected daily. In addition, bedding and pillow cases should be washed in hot water and dried out in the sun. Additionally, you can use furniture cleaners or homemade vinegar solution to clean the rest of the furniture every other day.

Living Room:

The most susceptible ways for germs to spread is through commonly handled items, such as remote controls, AC remotes, door handles, cabinet handles and light switches. A daily wipe down of these is recommended. Additionally, a weekly wipe down of your couch (if wipeable) is advisable. Alternatively, you can get quotes for specialized cleaning for your sofas and upholstery on ServiceMarket.

What are the dirtiest items in UAE residents’ homes? Check out our cleaning habits infographic to find out

If you follow this guide and step up your cleaning routine, you are highly likely to avoid the worst of the flu season in Dubai. It’s not easy or fun to do so, though – so why not just book a professional cleaner?


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