When Would You Need a Climate Controlled Storage Unit?

Storage in Abu Dhabi

Trying to keep everything you own in a small Abu Dhabi apartment can be very difficult at times. On top of that, the relatively harsh, humid and very hot climate in Abu Dhabi can damage some of your belongings if you leave them in regular storage units. However, there’s a great alternative to regular storage: climate controlled storage units in Abu Dhabi.

Climate controlled storage units not only have more insulation for better temperature stability, but depending on your requirements, they can also provide ventilation, heating and air-conditioning. The temperature is managed to create an ideal environment for items that are sensitive to extreme heat or extreme cold. The units are generally kept at temperatures between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius. If you are wondering whether you need to opt for a temperature controlled unit, ServiceMarket explains when you might need one.

When you don’t have space for furniture

Climate controlled self-storage in Abu Dhabi can be very useful if you are moving to a smaller home locally and don’t have room for some of your wood or leather furniture for a while. Some types of furniture is extremely sensitive to the weather and can get damaged in the Abu Dhabi heat.Β 

When storing delicate items

Delicate items such as art and musical instruments should always be stored in climate controlled storage. These items are extremely sensitive to the environment around them. Any sudden changes in temperature can cause instruments and art pieces to crack or become discoloured. Mold can often grow on these items if kept for a long time without temperature management. Different types of collections, such as coin collections, can be severely damaged and lose their worth if they are not kept in a climate controlled environment.

When Storing Electronics

Storing sensitive electronics in a regular storage unit can be a big mistake because humidity and heat can damage electronics. If you leave sensitive electronics in a non-climate controlled storage unit in Abu Dhabi, you might get them back rusted and cracked which could mean potentially losing thousands of dirhams worth of your belongings or at least having to spend a lot on major repairs. Using a climate controlled storage unit, however, will mean that you will get your items back in the same condition you left them.

When storing important documents and photos

Lots of people keep important documents or expensive books in their home, which leaves a potential to have them damaged or even lost. Keep track of all your important documents and memories by filing them in a climate controlled storage unit. Storing items in a climate controlled unit means documents will not get wet or moldy. Having these important items in storage also means you will know where they are at all times.

When you are moving abroad

A climate controlled storage unit can be helpful if you are moving abroad, but plan on returning to Abu Dhabi in the future. You can rest easy knowing that your favorite wood or leather pieces, electronics, precious family heirlooms, vinyl records, photo albums etc. are in a safe, controlled environment for as long as you need.

When you are renovating

Major renovations can take a long time and the residue and dust resulting from renovation work can be very damaging to your belongings. This means you will need a space to keep all your possessions safe for a while, be they upholstery, appliances, art pieces, etc.

It’s not enough to simply buy insurance for items that are precious to you. You need to make sure anything you leave in storage will be brought back to you in the same condition you left it in. This is why you should always opt for climate controlled self storage units in Abu Dhabi. With the extreme weather in the city, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Find the best climate controlled storage company in Abu Dhabi on ServiceMarket.

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