What to Do When You Don’t Have Enough Closet Space

Storage space in Dubai

Is the lack of storage space in your new home driving you crazy? Have you tried everything from installing extra shelves to using the space under your bed to buying a clothes rack? Here at ServiceMarket, we believe that storage facilities in Dubai are just the answer to your storage issues. Read on to find out how to best avail the opportunity that getting a storage unit provides.

Find a storage company

There are many Dubai storage companies, but finding one that will best match your needs requires homework on your part. First, you need to decide whether you want shared storage or self storage. We prefer self storage. You also need to decide how close the storage unit needs to be. This depends on how frequently you will need access to your stuff. If you have moved into a very small place, and have a lot of belongings, you might need to visit your storage unit a few days a week. Driving to one that is an hour away in such a case doesn’t make sense.

Sort through your items

Sometimes we think we don’t have enough space, but it might just be that we have too many things. So sort through all your belongings and make sure that you have use for everything you own. There is no point in keeping around stuff that you don’t like or will never use. If your biggest problem is storing off-season clothes, then all you need is storage space for them. But, if the issue is that you hoard everything that were ever given or bought, you need to donate, trash or sell some things instead of unnecessarily paying for their storage.

Pack them away in small bins

People who don’t have enough closet space for all their belongings, but need to use them regularly do well if they pack stuff away in smaller containers, instead of larger ones. Smaller containers are easier to lug back and forth from the storage facility as well. So remember to sort your stuff in categories, then pack it away in small, properly labelled bins before you put them in storage. For example, if you are storying clothes, T-shirts should go in one bin, tank tops in another, long-sleeved shirts in another, etc. If you are storing furniture for when you move back into a bigger space, it is probably best to keep it at the back of the unit.

Rotate as need

If you are storing clothes according to season, just grab the labelled boxes from the storage as the weather changes. For example, if it is getting colder, you would be switching out your tank tops for T-shirts, and eventually the T-shirts for the long sleeved shirts. To make this rotation easier, you should also place stuff in storage strategically. Something that you think you will need at the end of the year should go in first (with that furniture you won’t be using for a while) and anything you might need next week should go in last.

Somethings you need to consider when searching for a storage company are listed here. ServiceMarket partners with reliable storage companies in Dubai to bring you free quotes.

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