Photography 101: How to be Comfortable in Front of a Camera in Dubai

Photography in Dubai

Nowadays, being in front of a camera is no longer reserved for special events. In this social media driven age we are constantly being photographed, if not videotaped. However, not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera. If you feel like this applies to you, understand that it is totally normal. Posing for photos is not a natural thing to do and it might take some getting used to. If you have booked a photographer in Dubai and are worried that your pictures may turn out to be awkward due to your discomfort, follow these tips by ServiceMarket:

Just relax!

We understand that staying relaxed is a lot easier said than done. It can be quite tough to get rid of anxiety in front of a camera quickly, but there are always a few tricks that you can use!

  1. Try to remember that it is only a photograph. One of the many that will be taken of you over the course of your life.
  2. Remember that you can get your photograph taken again and again until you are pleased with the product. This is especially true if you hired a professional photographer in Dubai to take some shots of you.
  3. Keep in mind that you are always your worst critic. Odds are that you judge yourself way harsher than anyone else would judge you. Be as kind to yourself as you are to other people.
  4. Focus your attention on your breathing as you step in front of the camera. Breathe as if through your stomach, letting it rise and fall with each breath.

Remembering these tips might help you relax, at least a little, while you are in front of the camera.

Create a comfortable environment

Create an environment in which you will be comfortable before your photograph is taken. One of the first things you can do to create a soothing environment for yourself is to wear something that you feel good in. This is very important because if you feel uncomfortable in your clothes it will definitely show on camera. Furthermore, try to be in a space you like. This includes having a space that is quiet with good lighting, and good temperature. Finally, a comfortable environment should also include having enough time for you to get photographed with as many retakes as you like so that you don’t feel rushed or pressured.

Understand that it’s a process

It is totally okay to feel awkward in the beginning when you are just getting used to being in front of the camera. With time you get more used to being photographed and the more pictures you take, the more comfortable and natural it will feel. You should try looking at each picture after its taken. This will help you learn more about what you need to work on. Better yet, have a mirror behind the camera so that you can see your body language as you are being photographed.

Getting in front of the camera may always be a little terrifying for you. It’s not easy to get comfortable doing something you aren’t particularly fond of. However, it is always easier to get into the spirit of things in front of the camera when you have a professional behind the camera. Be sure to hire a professional Dubai photographer through ServiceMarket.

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