How Much Will My UAE Move Cost?

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If you are considering moving to Dubai and are wondering how much a moving company in Dubai will cost, this blog is for you. In it, we have attempted to provide you with a rare insight into the seemingly cryptic pricing of movers and packers in the UAE.

Is Moving to Dubai Expensive?

If you’re moving to the UAE, you will be required to pay approximately  AED 900 for a studio and AED 5,000-6,000 for a villa. For residential moves within the UAE, there are six main factors that affect the cost of your move:

  1. The number of trips or trucks required for your move: More trucks or more trips imply higher costs. So if you inadvertently forgot to mention your grand piano to the mover, the mover will very likely revise the cost at the time of the move.

  2. Labor: Three things to consider here:

    • The amount of labor needed to get the job done. So if your building doesn’t have an elevator (i.e. requires that the movers carry your boxes up and down the stairs), the mover is likely to charge you more.

    • The skill level of people helping you move – you’ll find that low cost movers may employ low-skilled workers with a poor command of English which can cause communication problems.

    • Specialized labor: If you need a handyman to put up your wall fixtures or an electrician to help set up your sound system, those are typically charged as extras.

  3. Amount of packing material: The more boxes, and bubble wrap you need, the higher your cost.

  4. Insurance is not typically provided by default and will cost extra.

  5. The category of “other requirements” – i.e. storage, abnormal access (absence of a road leading to your apartment building), crane, rigging, all cost extra.

  6. It is difficult to put a price on this, but a higher quality of service will typically cost you more. So, if you’re looking for punctual, proactive, and professional service, then you will need to pay an extra penny in return.

What to Expect From Your Move to Dubai

Before you get started with the actual process, the company will send their staff members to review your items. These will likely consist of everything you want to get transported. To minimize any potential error or confusion, the team will examine the quality and conditions of these items. Based on this,  the cost and price will also be assessed more accurately.


At the scheduled time of your move, the staff will dismantle or deconstruct any items for greater convenience. For smaller particles, they will likely wrap them up according to their level of fragility. Moreover, the transportation process will be based on factors like weight and distance. All your items will be moved safely through a moving truck or a similar-sized vehicle.


Upon reaching the destination, everything will be carefully unpacked and taken note of to avoid any misplacements. However, make sure that you review your contract or deal with the moving company before getting started. This is because some companies offer free unpacking and assembling while others just drop everything off or charge extra for assembly.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s important to ensure that you choose a moving company well before your scheduled move or relocation. The entire process can take time. Also, be prepared to get charged according to your apartment size and the kind of items you’re moving. If they’re extremely fragile articles, be ready to pay a little more.


If you’re moving to Dubai and want to get the best price, simply get quotes from more than one mover. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to help customers get a fair deal. SrviceMarket can help you do that. To book movers in Dubai and get up to five quotes for your move, all you need to do is submit a request. It’s quick and free!

Happy moving!

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