How Much Does It Cost to Move From Dubai in 2020?

Getting ready to move from Dubai this year? If so, we know it can be daunting to think of all the logistics and costs of your move. We’ve put together this guide so you have an accurate idea of what it’s going to cost you. When you’re ready to reach out for quotes, ServiceMarket can also help you find the top licensed international movers and packers in Dubai

Here is a list of the most common destinations around the world, and how much it is likely to cost when moving from Dubai. You can use it to find out the approximate cost of shipping 25 cubic meters by sea, which can accommodate for the contents of a two bedroom-apartment. 

To estimate the cost of your move from Dubai, you just need to ask yourself the following questions.

Should I ship by air, sea or land? The method of transportation you want to use depends largely on your budget, how far from Dubai you are moving, and the timeframe in which you wish to move your belongings. The fastest way to ship your belongings is by air, however this is the most expensive method of transportation. If you’re looking for the cheapest option you will want to choose to transport your belongings by sea, however this method takes a longer time compared to the other ones, usually 8 to 10 weeks. If you are moving to a destination that is within the UAE, the best option is to move your belongings by land.

How heavy/large is my cargo? If you are looking to keep expenses to a minimum, you should consider only shipping the goods that you really want or need. When you ship by air, the cost is determined by the overall weight of your belongings, whereas if you ship by sea or land, the cost is determined by the size of your goods, i.e. how much space they will take up.

What service am I looking for from shipping companies in Dubai? There are 3 services that you can choose from:

1. Door-to-door – Although this is the most comprehensive it also comes at the greatest cost. The shipping company packs, delivers, and unpacks your belongings in your new home, and will take care of any paperwork.

2. Door-to-port – The moving company will pack your belongings and ship them to the port at your new destination. Once your belongings have reached the port you will have to take care of customs, and any paperwork that goes with it, and then find your own way to transport your belongings from the port.

3. Port-to-port – This is the cheapest service that is provided. The shipping company will only be responsible for getting your belongings from one port to the other. You will be required to take care of packing your goods and getting them to the port, all paperwork, and then transporting your goods from the other port to your new home.

How far away from Dubai is my new destination? As you can imagine, at least generally, the further away your new destination is from Dubai, the more it will cost you to ship your goods. Be aware though, that there will be certain countries that require larger costs due to taxes and duties. The exact cost of using shipping companies in Dubai will be determined by where you are moving to and which moving service you are looking to use for your move. 

ServiceMarket makes it easy to find licensed international movers and packers in Dubai. All you need to do is share a few details with us. Make sure to get free quotes from a number of shipping companies in Dubai before making your final decision.

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