DIY Photo Gift Ideas

DIY Photo Gift Ideas for Dubai Residents

The best gifts for loved ones are those that have sentimental value. In this category, photographs, printed or on film, of course, win. This is because besides having sentimental value, they are timeless and tangible. While you could just print a couple of your favorite family photos from an amazing vacation and gift them in a beautiful gift box to a family member, it becomes more personal if you take some time and turn the photographs into a DIY photo gift. Here at ServiceMarket, we have put together a list of what we believe are the best photo gifts ideas out there. You can always opt for a professional photo shoot with the gift recipient and then surprise them by using the actual prints in any of the following unique ways.

Pull out album

This homemade gift adds quite the personal touch. All you need is your favorite photographs of and with the person you want to gift it to, some glue, a colored card that you can fold in a zig-zag pattern and a lovely little wooden box to put the album in. Cut the card according to the measurements of the inside of the box, get prints that are a tad size smaller and glue them on the card after folding it. Viola! You have a beautiful handmade album. You can glue a ribbon or string at the back of the folded card for the gift recipient to be able to pull it out effortlessly. For complete instructions and a step-by-step guide, click here.

Memory jar

As the name suggests, this gift will include a couple of photos of your best memories with the recipient of the gift. Now it is up to you to decide the number of photos you want to place in the jar, whether you want to add in decorative items or a keepsake or two and the size of the jar you would like to decorate and gift. One way to make a memory jar is to find a good sized mason jar, fill it with local sand, embed photos of different sizes in the sand and add some seashells before placing the lid back on. Another idea is to take a single beloved photograph, possibly black and white, put it in a mason jar and top the jar with vegetable oil. It gives the gift a very classic, vintage feel. You could choose to add in dried flowers of your choice. Here, you can see how someone else went about making a memory jar of their own.


Some people love to carry photos of their loved ones on their person, whether these are photographs in their wallet or purse, on their phone, or as a pendant or in a locket around their neck. If you know someone who is proud to keep and show photos of their favorite people to others in this manner, a fantastic DIY photo gift for them would be a pendant or a keychain.

To make this gift you need glass pieces and pendants of the same shape, photographs printed on cardstock, a knife, glaze and glue. Here are some great instructions to follow. At the end of the process, put it on a keychain or pendant chain and place it in a gift box. We are sure this gift will be loved for years to come!


A thoughtful, as well as useful, DIY gift idea is to create a printable photo calendar. With this gift, your loved one will be able to reminisce while using the calendar on a day-to-day basis. An easy way to do this is to use one of the many websites that deal with customizable, printable calendars. You just have to pick your favorite photographs and a calendar design.

Now that you know just the right DIY gift to give and are looking for a professional photographer or photo studio in Dubai to take the perfect photographs for it, head on to ServiceMarket to get free quotes. We partner with reputable photo studios and photographers in Dubai to help you capture memories in the best way possible. Β 

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