Event Photography in Abu Dhabi: Hire a Pro or DIY?

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We live in the era when everyone with a mobile phone fancies him/herself a photographer. We all take selfies and platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have given us plenty of ideas. So, do we really need professional event photographers? Well, some would counter that taking selfies is very different from covering an event. We all know someone who likes to take photos, but before we rope in those acquaintances to cover an event, instead of hiring a professionalΒ photographer in Abu Dhabi, we should take a moment and realize the magnitude of our ask.

In this article,Β ServiceMarket helps you figure out when it’s better to opt for DIY and when to hire a professional photographer. Here are some factors that you need to consider:

Scale of the event

First, the scale and importance of the event needs to be considered. While DIY photography may be a good idea for a birthday bash or a farewell party, it might not be the best option for large scale corporate events and weddings. Large events are about the ambiance and professional photographers have the ability to get the shot discreetly and skillfully, without disturbing the atmosphere of the event.

For most events these days, the number of people who would see the photos of your expensive and lavish event will far exceed the number of people who actually attend the event. If you are throwing an event to project a certain image, say for a business, why would you want to not communicate that image to a larger audience? Yes, you can take really good photos with your phone thanks to technology but photography at most of these big events is not just about taking photos. Rather, it is about capturing moments that convey a message and that not only takes skill, but also experience.

Time and effort vs. cost

In this DIY vs pro debate, the next factor we have to consider is time – a factor that’s often ignore when it comes to DIY projects. With enough time and effort you can perhaps make your DIY photoshoot appear more professional, but will the outcome be truly worth your time? You need to ask yourself the value of your time. Isn’t your time better spent reconnecting with your business clients, friends and family, instead of standing behind the camera?

Also, if you add the expenses you accumulated on your DIY project, including time, did you truly save on cost? Was the outcome equal to that of a professional photographer? Think long and hard and chances are that the price difference between an amateur and professional photographer might not be that great, especially when you consider the value pros bring to the table. Hobbyists might know their equipment well and have some understanding of lighting, but an experienced professional photographer will have better know-how of all technical aspects due to the sheer number of hours they have put in to hone their skills.

However, if you still have concerns about price, talk with your photographer in Abu Dhabi about your needs and they may be able to make recommendations that will make more sense to you.


A key difference between an amateur and professional photographer is their ability to make a living through their skills. Photography is a people-based business and experienced professionals are able to understand the requirements of their clients better. This is especially great for a client who does not have a very clear idea of exactly what type of outcome they want. An experienced photographer will be able to provide you with samples of previous work that are similar to your job. Going down the DIY route, you would not only have to know exactly what you want, but also do practice runs to ensure that you are able to get the desired final result.

How to save money

Although, in event photography you should look at the big picture and not price alone, more often than not, budget is the main deciding factor between hiring a professional photographer and going the DIY route. To ensure that you get high quality photographs without the big price tag, ask for quotes from different photographers in Abu Dhabi and compare them. You’d be surprised by how much you can save by doing a little comparison shopping.Β 

Photography plays a major role in every major event, so be sure to consider each factor carefully when deciding between going down the DIY route or hiring a professional. You can easily find a number of highly skilled and vetted photographers on ServiceMarket.

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