How to Throw the Most Incredible Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal party in the UAE

Throwing a gender reveal party is a fun and exciting way to share the baby’s sex with family and friends, and they are becoming a very popular event! Professional caterers in Dubai can help you throw an incredible party, in the meantime here a few ideas to help you get started:

1. Get a gender reveal cake

Gender reveal cakes are a common and fun way of revealing the sex of the baby. Some people choose to decorate the whole cake. Alternatively, decorate the cake in a neutral way and keep the element of excitement and surprise until the cake is served. Get the chef to add either pink or blue icing or sponge inside, to indicate the baby’s gender when the cake is cut open.

Gender reveal party in the UAE

2. Get gender reveal balloons

Fill a large box with pink or blue balloons. When it is time to announce the big news, pop open the box and balloons indicating the baby’s gender will be released into the open.

Gender reveal party in the UAE

3. Play games with the guests

A fun way to engage with the guests is to play games guessing the baby’s gender. Have fun games and activities such as gender reveal scratch tickets. Have a prize waiting for the person who scratches off the lucky ticket! Consider getting your family and friends to guess the gender when they enter the event – set up a black board where people can place their guesses!

Gender reveal party in the UAE

4. Gender Reveal Pinata

Keep the guests in suspense until they are showered with the answer with a gender reveal pinata. Fill a pinata with pink or blue candy or confetti and smash it for a big reveal. This is a great way to get the kids involved in the fun.

Gender reveal party in the UAE

5. Serve blue or pink food

Let the food at your party do the talking. Announce the news to your guests by offering pink or blue snacks or better yet have a dessert table reflecting the baby’s gender

Gender reveal party in the UAE

6. Decorate the room with a theme

Decorating the party space in coordinating colors is also a cool way of announcing the baby’s gender. Get pink decorations for a girl and blue if its a boy.

Gender reveal party in the UAE

Celebrate and cherish the impending arrival of your little bundle of joy with your friends and family by hosting a gender reveal party. There are plenty of caterers in the UAE that will help you plan the most incredible gender reveal party. At ServiceMarket, you can find the best catering companies in Dubai. Read reviews from verified customers and get free quotes before choosing the best option for your party.

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