How to Get Your Dubai Home Ready for Guests

Whether you often have family over to stay a few nights or friends who visit you sometimes, making sure the house is clean and ready for guests can be tough, especially if you are short on time. Here are a few things which you should prioritize before the guests arrive:

Prepare the Sleeping Area

One of the first things you should do is to figure out the sleeping arrangements, depending on the number and type of guests. Make sure the sleeping arrangements are very comfortable and relaxing, with maximum privacy, even if the guests are sleeping on a pull-out couch in the living room.

De-clutter and clean the space, especially if you have a guest bedroom. Don’t crowd the room with too much furniture. Instead, make ample space for the guests to put their things for the duration of their stay. You should also clear out as much space as possible in the closet for their clothes, even if it serves as your off-season storage, and provide hangers.

Ensure bed sheets, covers, duvets, blankets, pillows etc. are all clean. Don’t forget to keep some extras accessible in case your guests need them.

Check all electrical appliances – like air conditioners, lamps, fans, and sockets – before your guests’ arrival in order to avoid any hitches.

As an extra gesture, keep some bottled water, or even a jug of fresh water and glasses, in the room, along with some fresh fruits and quick snacks. You never know when and what your guest might need!

Organize the Bathroom

Whether your guests will share with you or have a separate one to use with ease, a well-stocked and nice-smelling bathroom is a must. Hire a cleaning company to do a thorough deep clean of your home and bathroom.

Keep some basic toiletries in the bathroom so that the guests don’t have to ask for anything, especially if they forgot to bring a particular item with them. Think in terms of soap, shampoo, lotion, sunblock, hair spray, toothbrush and paste, hairbrush etc. If possible, go the extra mile with other optional items like a nail file, feminine hygiene products, deodorants, lip balm, hair pins, hair dryer etc.

Don’t forget to put freshly washed towels in the bathroom. We suggest two per person in a color different than the ones you use so that they are easily identifiable for all. And of course, most importantly, paper towels and extra toilet paper rolls are a must too.

Stock the Kitchen

Depending on available time, guests coming to stay would give you the perfect opportunity to clean out your fridge and pantry from extra and expired items.

Make sure food is easily accessible for your guests. Cook some meals in advance and freeze them, so that you just have to take them out for mealtimes. So rather than spending hours in front of the stove, you can spend quality time with your guests and be a great host.  

Plus, don’t forget to stock your fridge with their favorite foods and snacks, or things you know they’ll enjoy trying, like some special items or delicacies that your city is famous for. However, do be aware of any food allergies that your guests might have and be prepared accordingly.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Cleaning the house thoroughly before your guests arrive is essential but can be tricky to manage sometimes. Hire a professional cleaning service from ServiceMarket to make sure your home is clean and welcoming for the visitors. Once done, make your house smell even more inviting using these natural ways.

If you have a maid in Dubai, let them know about the guests and their preferences, and how the maid might be responsible for a few extra things, especially if you have to go to work during the day.

If you’re away for some errand or are at work, provide spare keys or entry codes (if applicable) to your guests so they can come and go freely. Guide them about what they can see or do by themselves, using tourist brochures, takeaway menus etc. Also, let them know when you’ll be back and what you might have planned for the day, evening or their whole visit, etc. If you enjoy having things planned out, why not create a schedule for them to know what to expect each day.

Plus, with this being the digital and multi-device age, write down the Wi-Fi password clearly in an accessible place. Also provide extra device chargers in case they are needed.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan some downtime for your guests as well as yourself so that no one over-exerts or over-tires themselves while you all have fun!

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