How to Have a Good Nanny-Family Relationship

Just like any other relationship, a nanny-family relationship needs work. ServiceMarket brings you tips on how to build and maintain a good nanny-family relationship with your Dubai nanny.

Provide a written contract

It is after all an employment relationship. So before you start working on anything else, provide a written contract that clearly defines all the fundamentals such as wages, responsibilities, time off, sick days, benefits, etc. You also need to make sure that you stick to the agreements in the employment contract to build a good nanny-family relationship.

Outline your expectations

When an employer doesn’t clearly outline her expectations, problems are sure to arise. If you set your expectations from the get go by providing clear instructions, however, you can avoid issues. If you like your children to eat only organic food and spend less than an hour each day on tablets, inform your nanny of this from Day 1. This way you can avoid issues created by incorrect assumptions.

Decide on a communication method

Do you prefer to talk to your nanny face-to-face in a weekly meeting or do you like to get daily updates through WhatsApp? Some parents prefer that their nanny keep a daily journal. You need to decide on a communication method that works for both of you. It isn’t a good idea to suggest something that isn’t doable due to time constraints or comfortable for either of you. If your nanny isn’t keen on writing things down, for example, perhaps a phone call would be the best option.

Have routine check-ins

Whatever communication method you decide, communicate regularly so that you and the nanny can get comfortable asking questions and discussing concerns.  Besides daily check-ins, pick a day each month to have a real conversation about your children.

Provide performance feedback

Moreover, every employee needs feedback so that they can improve their performance. Whether you provide a written performance review for your nanny or give your feedback verbally, decide a schedule for this as well. A good nanny will welcome constructive feedback. Just make sure that you are respectful while delivering it.

Follow the Golden Rule

The easiest way to establish and maintain a good nanny-family relationship is to treat the nanny how you would like to be treated. Don’t define your nanny solely by his or her role. A nanny is a person with human limitations, just like everybody else, and deserves as much respect and kindness as you do.

Don’t micromanage

We hope you hired the nanny only after you were absolutely sure of his or her abilities to take care of your children. Nannies are childcare professionals who like to be valued for their work. If you micromanage, it just gives an indication of a lack of trust. Trust their judgement when they say that your child is too tired to go to his weekly music class, for example, and let them do their job.

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