10 Ways to Help Your Kids Settle into a New School After Moving to Dubai

10 Ways to Help Your Kids Settle into a New School After Moving to Dubai

Have you been planning your move to Dubai for months, but find yourself losing sleep as you worry about your kids? Are you stressed about whether they will adjust to their new school or not? Depending on the age of your kids, they can react differently to the move and the new school. The experts at ServiceMarket have put together a list of things you can do to help your kids adjust to their new school life:

Bring their documents

Ask your kid’s old school to help you prepare an education portfolio. Call up the new school and ask them what information they require. Gather up all their documents and reports in neat folders and bring them with you to Dubai.

Inform and involve

As much as you can, inform your kids about their new school weeks before the move. Show them photographs and/or videos of the school and ask the kids to prepare a list of the things they look forward to at their new school.

Plan a smooth move

Use a reputable shipping company in Dubai to help you move so that the move is as stress free as possible for you and your family. If you aren’t a bag of nerves during the move, your kids will more positive about their new destination.

Ask for help

Ask for assistance from the school to help your kids adjust. Talk to the principal, teachers, coaches and school nurses about your concerns. Ask the school for a tour of the premises so that you can show your kids their new classroom and school facilities. Inquire if the school has a buddy system to help your child adjust quickly.

Use the summer

If you managed to time your move before the school year, kudos to you! Now you can sign up your kids for activities in the local neighborhood during the summer. This will give your kid plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Maintain routines

As soon as you have unpacked, fall back to your old family habits. Maintain the same dinner and bedtime schedule that you had in your old home. Familiarity and routine help children adjust to a new environment. If your kids feel safe and settled at home, they will feel settled at school.

The three P’s

Be patient with your kids. Give them a couple of months to settle in and adjust to their new life. Be prepared for the worst. Know that children of all ages can react negatively to a move. Some things to expect are sleep disruption, changes in appetite, temporary regression, clinginess and tantrums. Also, be prepared to tackle the new school year. Get your hands on the school’s academic calendar and put it up somewhere where everyone can see it. Be positive about the new house and school as kids tend to follow their parents example. If you don’t like anything, keep it to yourself or your partner.


Practice actively listening to your kids concerns about the move and the new school. Acknowledge all their emotions and encourage them to ask questions. Let them know you understand how much they miss their old neighbors, family and friends and help them keep in touch with everyone.

Set up meetings

Keep a more vigilant eye on your kids during the transition period which can last as long as 6 months. Check back with the school regularly to see how your child is doing.

Invest time in simple gestures

Remember to give them hugs and say β€œI love you” before they leave for school each morning. Pack their lunch with encouraging notes. Ask your kids about their day when they get back home from school. Your kids need to know that the most important things haven’t changed with the move.

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