How to Hire a Reliable Locksmith in Dubai

Locksmith in Dubai

Whether you’ve lost the keys to your car or your home or want to upgrade your locks, locksmiths in Dubai can help you in a variety of situations. But what’s the best way to find a reliable locksmith in Dubai? ServiceMarket has teamed up with the experts to assist you in finding a reliable locksmith who fits your requirements.

Understanding the different services offered by locksmiths in Dubai

Not all locksmiths in Dubai are the same. Different locksmiths have different specialties. The three main types of locksmiths in Dubai are residential locksmiths (who deal in locks for your home), commercial locksmiths (who specialize in security for offices and commercial buildings) and automotive locksmiths (who look after lock and key issues in vehicles). Depending on your needs, locksmiths who fall broadly into these categories will be able to help you out, whether it is changing the locks and beefing up security at your business or coming out for an emergency call-out.

Choosing the correct locksmith will help you protect your home or office depending on your specific needs and requirements.

Researching locksmiths in Dubai

Search and customer reviews

Your first step will be to conduct a search. You then have the luxury of browsing the different locksmiths who operate in Dubai and narrowing it down to locksmiths who work directly in your area. Many of these locksmiths will have some form of customer reviews, whether directly on their website or through Google reviews or on a home services platform like ServiceMarket. If you run the company name with the words β€œcomplaints” or β€œreviews” next to it, there should be some hits that you can draw information from.

References and recommendations

Ask your family, friends and neighbors if they know of any reputable locksmiths that they have worked with directly. Hiring someone to handle such a sensitive security-guard such as locks is a big undertaking, so you need to ensure that whoever you hire is reliable and trustworthy – this is made much easier if there are previous clients who can vouch for the locksmith.

You should also ask the prospective locksmith in Dubai for references, preferably three of his most recent clients. This is an invaluable way of getting first-hand information on the professionalism of the locksmith and the quality of his work.

Certification, licenses and training

One of the first things you can do to check if it is a legit locksmith is to assess their vehicle and the tools that they carry. A branded vehicle with an array of tools is the first indication that the locksmith is real or a scam. Secondly, wait for him to verify who you are by asking for identification. A professional locksmith will double check who has hired them before changing locks in a home or business. Moreover, in Dubai, locksmiths are required to ask for the tenancy contract to verify that you indeed live on the property.

All tradesmen who operate a business in the UAE need to have a license from the Dubai Municipality, so make sure to ask to see a copy of the locksmith’s license to ensure they are a valid and registered company.

Office location

Make sure that the office address on the locksmith’s website is local (or that there is even an office address) or else they may not actually exist or may just be scammers who will use the business you give them as an opportunity to gain access to your home. Also, local locksmiths who are nearby are less likely to charge you a travel or call-out fee.

Comparison shop

Depending on the type of service you need (emergency vs planned), it is best to comparison shop by comparing the services offered by various locksmiths with the prices that they have quoted. The most expensive quote may not always offer the best service and likewise for the cheapest. Weigh these up with your research on the locksmiths and the customer reviews and recommendations.

It is always best to be sure that you thoroughly vet a contractor – especially when it comes to something as sensitive as the locks in your home or business. ServiceMarket helps you out by vetting all the companies on its platform and ensuring that you can find company profiles, quotes and customer reviews all in one place. Finding a locksmith in Dubai has never been easier.

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