How Big is Your Storage Unit in Dubai?

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Extra storage is never a bad option, especially in metro cities like Dubai where apartments are usually small. But deciding on the right storage unit size can be challenging. If you only know the square footage, it can be hard to tell how much stuff can fit inside. Moreover, when you rent storage space in Dubai the price can also vary depending upon the size of the unit. So, it is important to understand how much ground space you have and to utilize it all well.

Your Dubai Storage Unit Size and General Capacity

Storage units are often sized in square footage and you can’t picture the space with just numbers. Moreover, when you see an empty space it can look pretty small. You might even be tempted to rent out a bigger unit. However, it is important to always keep your needs and budget in mind.

This guide will give you an estimate of how much you can fit inside your storage unit according to its size.

#1: 25 Square Foot Unit (5×7)

These are usually the smallest standard for self-storage units. A 5×7 storage space can be pretty small and you can picture the size as similar to a large closet. They can be great if you have to store small items temporarily such as seasonal clothes, holiday decorations, or sports equipment. Generally, the space is good to fit 6-8 cardboard boxes. You might also be able to fit the contents of a sparsely furnished small room inside one of these. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t much room for larger things like king-size beds, motorbikes, etc. 

#2: 50 Square Foot Unit (5×10) 

You can picture a 5×10 storage locker as a small room or an average walk-in closet. These can offer a much more substantial area and may fit up to 20 cardboard boxes. You can fit the contents of one mid-sized bedroom that includes a king-size mattress, appliances, and some furniture. This size is perfect if you want to lock away your dorm room or studio apartment furniture. Some of the household items that can fit inside are:

  • Chest of drawers
  • Small couches
  • Chairs
  • Small office equipment

#3: 75 Square Foot Unit (5×15)

5×15 is a medium-sized storage unit that is good for storing the contents of up to two rooms. You can imagine it as the size of a large walk-in closet. This is one of the most popular sizes and can be perfect for people moving out of a small apartment. You will have enough space to stand, walk around and browse through your belongings in a 5×15 unit.

Here are some of the general household or business items that can fit inside:

  • Complete bedroom furniture
  • Washer and dryer
  • Refrigerator
  • Dresser
  • Large sofa

The storage unit size is ideal if you are renovating your office space or home or moving to a new location. They can safely store your belongings while you make the transition.

#4: 100 Square Foot Unit (10×10)

Picture a small bedroom to visualize how big a 10×10 foot storage unit usually is. It is a medium-large storage unit that can fit your belongings from up to three rooms. You can even store the contents from a complete living area and still have room to spare for boxes. You can store these things easily:

  • Complete furniture for three rooms
  • Up to three mattresses
  • Large appliances
  • Filing cabinets

This storage unit size is one of the most versatile spaces with ample room. There is enough space to fit even specialized and fragile equipment like pianos or jet skis.

#5: 120 Square Foot Unit (10×12)

10×12 foot units are perfect for office or home use. They are similar in size to a small bedroom and can fit up to three full-sized rooms with large furniture items. You might even have some spare space left for boxes and smaller appliances. You can easily make room for: 

  • Large appliances (fridge, deep freezer, washer, etc.)
  • Patio furniture
  • Bedroom furniture
  • Sports equipment

You can have enough space to go through your contents with a storage unit this size. So, make sure to make aisles when you stack your belongings to have room for walking. 

#6: 150 Square Foot Unit (10×15)

150 sq foot units are comparable in size to a spare bedroom in your home. They can fit the contents of up to four rooms with boxes and appliances. So, you can store larger items that you wouldn’t be able to fit in the other sizes mentioned above. It can be perfect for people who want to store sizable furniture such as two or three king-size beds, large living room sofas, dining tables, etc.


Storage unit size is as important as how you pack and stack your things. For maximum space, you should stack up boxes to the ceiling, pack heavier items at the base, and avoid leaning things against the wall. You can save space and fit more things if you are creative with item placement.

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