How Can You Send Furniture From Abu Dhabi to India?

shipping furniture from Abu Dhabi to India

Whether for an individual or a family, moving from Abu Dhabi to India is always an emotional roller coaster. It’s challenging, time-consuming, and stressful.

ServiceMarket has sorted out key aspects you need to know for moving your furniture to India.

Here is a little advice to help you pack your furniture for optimal efficiency and make a move as smooth and hassle-free.

Whether you want to relocate your entire life or just a few critical possessions for a year or two, meticulously organizing how you pack boxes for moving will save you time and money in the long run.

Let’s look at the stages involved in shipping your furniture internationally.

Pick a shipping company wisely:

Get estimates and quotations from different furniture shipping providers to help you estimate the overall cost of transporting furniture. 

If this is your first time shipping furniture, make sure you use a reliable and well-known company. ServiceMarket offers affordable international moving solutions and transparent, well-established processes.

List down all the things you want to move:

The first step is to organize the household items you’ll need to relocate to India. You don’t want to waste extra dirhams on products that won’t be useful in India.

Even if you don’t plan to bring much with you, it’s worth it to invest in proper packing supplies rather than relying on normal household packaging. 

Whether your things are delicate or not, sturdy cardboard boxes, heavy-duty adhesive tape, and foam cushioning are all smart ideas. You don’t want a dropped box to undo all of your careful planning.

How to pack your furniture in the best way possible:

If you’re transporting furniture that can be dismantled, you should do so and pack the pieces into boxes before stacking them on pallets. 

This not only makes handling easier, but it also helps to minimize the total volume and, as a result, shipping costs from Abu Dhabi to India are reduced.

Sofas and other bulkier, plusher goods should be wrapped in craft paper and then bubble wrapped for further protection. It is also recommended to shrink-wrap as well to keep them as airtight as possible.

Dismantle as much as you can:

Dismantle everything that can be dismantled to its smallest piece, whether it’s a chair, bed frame, or cabinet. That includes all screws and knobs, which you should keep separate in ziplock bags.

The cost of shipping furniture from Abu Dhabi to India:

Furniture shipping can be costly, especially if you need to send it over a long distance or in large quantities. The most cost-effective approach to shipping big objects and large furniture is to estimate all costs ahead of time and select your service provider carefully. The cost of shipping will be determined by several factors, including:

The weight of your furniture: Shipping heavy antique furniture is far more expensive than shipping lighter, modern pieces.

The dimensions of your furniture: Your furniture will cost extra to ship if it takes up more space than expected on the truck or an aircraft, regardless of its weight.

The shipping business: Some shipping businesses will provide more furniture shipment options than others. Before shipping, compare prices carefully.

How far will your furniture be shipped: Shipping furniture may be more expensive if you consider international shipping or shipping across the country than if you only need to ship it a couple of states over.

Final Thoughts:

If you’re relocating to or from Abu Dhabi, ServiceMarket can assist you. We’ve helped thousands of people and families relocate or ship their stuff throughout the years. 

ServiceMarket can provide you with the best deals on shipping for household removals, boxes of personal things, and even cars. We hope that this guide by ServiceMarket makes moving from Abu Dhabi to India a hassle-free process for you!

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