How Can You Ship Items From Abu Dhabi to India

shipping items from abu dhabi to india

Better weather, new food, and a new career are all great and exciting when moving to a new place. And, of course, it’s also essential to handle your belongings with the utmost care – especially when you’re moving from Abu Dhabi to India. After all, you don’t want to arrive and discover that your furniture has been destroyed during shipment.

Fortunately, this guide by ServiceMarket will help you through the entire process of shipping furniture internationally, so keep reading!

Factors Determining the Mode of Transportation for Your Belongings

Jumping right in, we should acknowledge that there are several options for transporting furniture when moving from Abu Dhabi to India. The following factors will determine what method is the most cost-effective for you:

Item size: 

Large items, such as couches and dining room furniture, are difficult to transport without expert assistance and unsuitable for some shipment methods, such as air freight.


Moving heavy furniture or boxes without the proper equipment can be difficult. Moreover, if the item is too heavy it might exceed the maximum weight requirement for bus, airline, or rail transportation.


Some items, such as your elder brother’s well-loved couch, may not be worth the cost of cross-country shipping. On the other hand, heirloom or designer furniture may be well worth the investment.

Distance of your shipment: 

The distance it takes to ship a specific item also helps determine its cost.

Some of your furniture will be rather simple to transport. On the other hand, other furniture items may require extra care to guarantee that they arrive securely. Here are a few items that deserve extra attention:

What Is The Best Way To Ship A Mattress?

Whether shipping or storing a mattress, it can be a difficult task. A mattress shipping box is required to ship a mattress and can be purchased from various internet merchants. 

Place your box spring and mattress in plastic bags before putting them in the mattress shipping box. The plastic bag will provide additional protection for your mattress during transportation, preventing it from becoming filthy while you are moving from Abu Dhabi to India.

What Is The Best Way To Ship A Bookcase?

Begin by removing the books from a bookcase before shipping them. Remove the shelves and pack them in a box before shipment if they are not a fixed element of the unit. Place the shelf support pegs in a bag and place them in the same box.

What Is The Best Way To Ship A Sofa?

The movers will wrap a sofa to keep everything in place during the move. Place the throw pillows that normally go on the sofa on top of it before covering it. These accessories will not add significantly to the item’s weight or bulk, but they may give some protection that will be very useful during the shipping process. You may also want to remove the sofa’s feet before shipment. They will be protected from scratches and breakage as a result of this. This will also help the sofa in passing past narrow doorways.

What Is The Best Way To Ship A Grandfather Clock?

If you need to ship a grandfather clock, especially one with significant financial or sentimental significance, you should hire a professional. 

An expert will be required to disassemble the clock’s inner workings in some circumstances. The expert can properly bundle them to avoid damage during shipping. 

Your grandfather clock can be dismantled and reassembled on your own. Having an expert handle those duties for you, on the other hand, can help you avoid costly mistakes that could damage your clock.

What Is The Best Way To Ship A Dining Table And Chairs?

One of the largest and heaviest pieces of furniture you’ll need to send is your dining room table. Ensure that the legs are safely removed ahead of time. The legs of many tables can be unscrewed, making moving much easier. If your table has a glass top, it will need to be securely wrapped to avoid damage during transportation. To preserve your chairs during transit, you may also need to wrap and pad them.


Whenever it concerns shipping furniture, you want a service you can trust to deliver your goods and useful items safely, on time, and at a fair price. ServiceMarket can assist you with moving from Abu Dhabi to India. Get a free quote right now!

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