How Do You Store Furniture in Dubai?

furniture storage

Furniture storage in Dubai can be a little tricky since not everyone is aware of the facilities, as well as the methods to keep it protected. There have been cases where people opened their furniture storage unit after a year or two, only to find their belongings damaged. The main culprit is usually mold and warping due to moisture. So, it is vital to look for a reliable storage option from good furniture storage companies in Dubai that also follow proper packing techniques.     

7 Amazing Furniture Storage Tips

From tables to couches, to chairs, to coffee tables, and much more, every piece of furniture needs to be wrapped and stored in a safe and sound way. The following storage tips will keep your furniture as good as new for a long time.

1: Explore Furniture Storage Options

Before you start off with your hunt to find the perfect storage place for furniture, decide if you want to store it temporarily or for long term. Since storage units can be costly, it is essential to make this decision and consequently choose a space that best suits your needs. Moreover, when laying down your options, make sure you choose furniture storage in Dubai that is within the city limits for ease of access. You can either rent a shared storage or go with a self-storage unit based on the number of pieces you want to store. 

Additionally, since furniture is prone to damage due to the elements, it is paramount to find a storage unit that is humidity and temperature controlled. Otherwise, any wooden furniture piece may expand and swell if exposed to moisture.

2: Clean Furniture Items Thoroughly

If you don’t find many climate-controlled options, you can still protect your furniture by making sure you properly clean and dry it before packing. If left uncleaned, the furniture may give off a bad odor which spreads to other items in your storage space or other nearby units. Ensuring that your furniture is properly cleaned eliminates the chances of dust and mold accumulation within the storage unit.

You can start off the cleaning process by using water and mild soap to clean plastic or wooden furniture. For wooden items, you can use special wood cleaners. As for the fabric items, clean all your cushions and couches with mild fabric upholstery cleaners. For any cabinets and glass tops, use glass cleaning liquids. Before proceeding to the packing step, ensure that all your items are completely dry.

3: Remove Perishable Items

All perishable items stored in your cabinets, drawers, or anywhere else must be removed. This is so because such items attract critters and bugs which could damage and infest your furniture. It is better to be careful even if your storage unit has pest control.

4: Dismantle EverythingΒ 

Before you start moving the furniture from one room to another, disassemble anything that can be taken apart. These may include tables, desks, chairs, bookshelves, etc. This step will measurably make not only moving the items easier but will also take up less space in the unit. Additionally, secure all the bolts, and screws in a labeled bag and keep it alongside your furniture pieces. 

5: Wrap the Furniture

If you plan on storing your furniture long-term, make sure you wrap it up properly. Even if your furniture storage in Dubai is climate controlled, dust and moisture can still build up over time. The first and foremost step is to lay down a thick plastic sheet on the floor of the storage space to prevent any moisture from reaching your items. 

Using old sheets and clean pieces of cloth is the best way to keep your furniture covered. Wrapping the items in thick plastic may not be a wise decision as it can trap moisture and cause the wood to swell over time. Hence, it is essential to loosely drape old blankets over the furniture items. 

6: Protect Fragile Items

Glass or porcelain items require special care and precautions. Taping packing paper directly onto the glass might leave a stained residue. Thus, pack the glass in a sheet of paper without using tape. For added security, you may wrap it in bubble wrap and pack it in a box. 

7: Avoid Cramming the Storage Space

Before you start stuffing all the items in your storage space, think of the best way to fit everything in an organized way. Cramming up and shoving the unit with all the items may break or damage your valuables. So, start by getting in all the large furniture pieces and gradually moving towards the smaller items and boxes. If you feel your storage unit isn’t big enough, request additional storage.


Storing away your furniture items can be made simple if you follow the proper storing steps. Make sure that you carefully look into all potential furniture storage options to match your furniture’s size and volume.

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