How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost in Abu Dhabi?

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Finding time for the gym with a busy schedule can be quite a challenge in Abu Dhabi. But a personal trainer at home can help you overcome this. You can conveniently book a personal training session at home in Abu Dhabi. The trainer will help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals.Β Β Β 

Another benefit of having training sessions at home is getting the trainer’s undivided attention. This blog discusses in detail all the services you can expect as well as the personal trainer Abu Dhabi price for different types of training sessions.Β 

How Much Is a PT in Abu Dhabi?

For people asking how much is the cost of a personal trainer, the answer depends on the type of session. You can choose from a range of workouts like bodybuilding, yoga, general fitness, and even boxing. Besides individual sessions, you can train in pairs too. So, you can ask your partner to join you in the fitness journey as you work with a reliable and cheap personal trainer in Abu Dhabi. 

Wondering how much it costs per session? Check out the prices for individual services here: 

General Fitness

General fitness is usually the most sought-after service from personal trainers at home. It helps regain fitness, build strength, and tone your body shape. 

A general fitness session can cost you AED 269. You can get a pairs session for AED 349.


Want to enhance both mental and physical health? Yoga is known to increase flexibility and physical strength. Meditation is an important part of yoga which reduces stress and anxiety. 

A personal trainer at home for yoga will cost you AED 299 for a singles session. You can book a pairs session by paying an additional AED 100.


Bodybuilding is a fitness activity that is best done under the supervision of a certified professional. He or she can help you achieve your desired body shape by creating personalized sessions. Such professionals understand your body type and suggest diet and other requisites accordingly. 

A session with a personal trainer for bodybuilding will cost you AED 269 when you are training alone, whereas a pairs session will cost you AED 369.


If you have a passion for boxing or you are interested in learning self-defense, you can have supervised sessions by an expert at your home. Boxing can help build stamina, endurance, and strength. 

Hire an expert for boxing at AED 299 for a singles session. You can invite a friend for boxing training by paying an additional AED 100. 

The prices are the same for both male and female personal trainers in Abu Dhabi.Β 

Monthly Estimates of Personal Trainer Abu Dhabi Price

The total cost you have to bear for a personal trainer at home depends on the type and number of sessions you sign up for. For example, if you sign up for 3 sessions a week for general fitness, you will have to pay around AED 3,228 per month. Similarly, the cost of pairs sessions for the same days will cost you approximately AED 4,188. However, these costs can have a difference of a day or two based on the days of the month.

You can calculate the monthly expense of other workouts in the same manner as well. Check out the table given below to see the approximates of monthly costs:

Type of Workout Type of SessionMonthly Cost (3 Sessions/week)
General FitnessSingles SessionAED 3,228
General FitnessPairs SessionAED 4,188
YogaSingles SessionAED 3,588
YogaPairs SessionAED 4,788
BodybuildingSingles SessionAED 3,228
BodybuildingPairs SessionAED 4,188
BoxingSingles SessionAED 3,588
BoxingPairs SessionAED 4,788


Since now you are clear about the personal trainer Abu Dhabi price, you can book any session you like. An experienced personal trainer can help you stay motivated and achieve your fitness goals without any risks. 

Go to ServiceMarket’s website to book a personal trainer at home in Abu Dhabi at affordable prices and never miss a workout again.Β 

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