How Much Does It Cost to Assemble Your Furniture in Dubai?

assmebly of your ikea furniture dubai

When it comes to furniture assembly in Dubai, the cost can vary significantly depending on various factors, including the type of furniture, complexity of assembly, and the service provider you choose.  

Whether you just moved into a new apartment or purchased a new piece of furniture, the convenience of professional assembly services can save you time. These experts are skilled even in the assembly of your Ikea furniture in Dubai. If you are wondering about the cost of assembling furniture in Dubai, this blog explores the typical price estimates and the factors that may affect them. 

Cost of Assembling Furniture in Dubai

While the cost of assembling furniture can vary, this service is usually billed at a rate of AED 129 for each hour of service rendered. The ultimate cost of the service is calculated by summing the total hours expended, along with any expenses incurred for materials and spare parts utilized during the course of delivering the service.

Typically, the overall cost depends on the following factors:

Type and Complexity of Furniture

Simple, ready-to-assemble furniture, such as basic shelves or small tables, is relatively easy to put together and generally comes with straightforward instructions. As a result, the assembly cost for such items is often lower.

However, when it comes to more intricate or complex furniture like large wardrobes, dining sets, or office desks with multiple components, the assembly process becomes more time-consuming and may require greater expertise. Consequently, the cost for assembling such items tends to be higher.

Assembly Time 

The time it takes to assemble your furniture will be a significant cost factor. Complex pieces can take several hours to put together, while simpler items may require only a fraction of that time.

Size and Quantity of Furniture Pieces

If you have a considerable number of furniture pieces to assemble, it may be more cost-effective to hire a professional assembly service, as they can offer package deals or discounts for bulk assembly jobs.

Moreover, larger furniture items, like oversized sofas or wall units, will naturally require more time and effort to assemble. Therefore, you can expect the cost to be higher for these items compared to smaller pieces.

Brand and Quality of Furniture

High-end furniture brands may have unique assembly requirements or more intricate designs, which could increase the assembly cost. Conversely, budget-friendly furniture typically comes with simpler assembly instructions, resulting in lower assembly fees.

It is worth noting that some premium furniture brands may offer white-glove assembly services as part of their purchase package, eliminating the need to hire external assembly services.

Additional Services and Customization

Beyond basic assembly, some individuals may require additional services, such as wall mounting, custom modifications, or disassembly and reassembly when relocating. These additional services will naturally come with extra costs, but they can be highly beneficial in ensuring your furniture fits your space perfectly.

If you have specific customization requests, such as adding shelves, drawers, or lighting fixtures to your furniture, be prepared to discuss these requirements with the assembly service provider and inquire about the associated costs.

Experience and Reputation of the Assembly Service

Established and reputable assembly services may charge higher rates, but they often provide superior workmanship, reliability, and customer service. It is advisable to research and read customer reviews to gauge the quality of service offered by different providers in Dubai.

How Much Does It Cost to Assemble an IKEA Wardrobe?

IKEA is a well-known furniture retailer worldwide, and many residents in Dubai purchase their furniture from it. However, IKEA furniture typically comes in flat-pack boxes, requiring assembly. Many customers wonder if IKEA’s assembly service is worth the cost, or if they should consider hiring an independent service provider like ServiceMarket. Here is a break-down of the costs for assembling an IKEA wardrobe to make an informed comparison:

IKEA Assembly Cost

IKEA does offer assembly services for their furniture, including wardrobes. The cost of IKEA’s assembly service can vary depending on the complexity of the wardrobe and your location in Dubai. Typically, IKEA charges a percentage of the product’s price for assembly. For instance, if you have purchased a AED 1,000 wardrobe, the assembly cost might be around 15% of the product’s price, which would be AED 150.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that IKEA’s assembly service cost can add up quickly if you’re purchasing multiple pieces of furniture. Additionally, you may need to schedule an appointment, and availability can be limited during peak times.

ServiceMarket Assembly Cost

ServiceMarket is a platform that connects customers with reliable service providers, including furniture assembly services in Dubai. The cost of hiring an independent service provider through ServiceMarket may vary based on factors mentioned earlier. 

On average, hiring an independent service provider through ServiceMarket to assemble an IKEA wardrobe can cost AED 129 per hour, depending on the size and complexity of the wardrobe. This cost typically includes labor and may include basic tools needed for assembly.

Therefore, the cost of hiring an independent provider through ServiceMarket is generally lower than IKEA’s assembly service. If you are assembling multiple pieces of furniture, the savings can be significant.


Before you hire services for assembling furniture in Dubai, it would be wise to obtain multiple quotes, ask about any additional charges, and clarify the scope of the services offered. This way, you can make an informed decision that not only meets your budget but also ensures professional, and quality service.

If you wish to get assembly of your furniture in Dubai, visit ServiceMarket and hire professionals as per your convenience and budget.

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