7 Tips to Assemble Your IKEA Furniture Like a Pro!

IKEA furniture assembly services in Dubai

Jokes are often made about putting flat-pack furniture together and how irritating it can be, despite those simple diagram-only instructions! IKEA has made it possible to furnish our homes beautifully on a budget, but that is quickly dampened when we install something just a little off-centre, or the whole thing wobbles when you use it. The thing is, this isn’t a problem with the IKEA furniture itself, it’s our assembly skills. While it’s better to hire a professional furniture assembly service in Dubai for this task to save time and get it done properly, here are 7 tips by the experts at ServiceMarket to help you assemble that chair, chest of drawers or cupboard just like the piece of furniture you saw in the showroom!

Plan ahead 

The first thing you need to do is clear enough space to assemble the furniture – it’s pretty difficult to construct anything if you can’t move around it. Next, you need to examine the instructions. That means look carefully, not just a quick glance. Make sure you can see what the little diagrams are actually depicting. Next, and this is very important, be sure that you can identify all the pieces and that they are all there. It’s always better to check to be on the safe side. 

Gather your tools 

Usually, you don’t need many tools to assemble IKEA furniture, but it is important to have the correct ones. You’ll need screwdrivers that are the right size for the screws provided, a hammer for any pins or nails and possibly an adjustable spanner. Sometimes a spirit level or spirit level app is a help. An Allen-wrench is usually provided. Having your own tools, as long as they are of reasonable quality, will ensure you can get the job done well, and are great to have around the house, too. Making do with whatever you can find in the house (like a dinner knife) is not a good option. These basic tools are cheap and easy to get hold of. It’s not necessary to have a cordless screwdriver, but you’ll be thankful if you have it. Make sure you have the correct drill bits and the clutch is set pretty light, it’s easy to over tighten screws and Allan bolts and damage the furniture. Don’t want to invest in new tools? Just hire a furniture assembly service in Dubai! 

Line up your parts and fixings 

Line up as many parts as possible without fixing them to make certain that:

  1. They are the correct parts and
  2. You can see and understand how they fit together.

It’s very easy to get confused from the black and white plans provided. Sometimes the differences between various parts are quite subtle, so make sure you have identified them correctly. It’s all too easy to use the wrong screw in the wrong place. 

Have someone else to help 

A second pair of hands makes any furniture assembly project easier. For most of the process you may be able to go it alone but there is nearly always a point when having someone available to help may be indispensable.

Don’t do it in a rush  

There is a tendency to think that assembling IKEA furniture should be a quick operation, but that ain’t necessarily so! Don’t try and rush it as you are sure to make a mistake if you do. Better to be a tortoise with a well-made piece of furniture than a hare with a cupboard that falls to pieces! And try and remain calm! Furniture assembly can be frustrating but don’t let it get to you. Take a deep breath and carry (steadily) on.

YouTube It  

There is a lot of help available online from YouTube, so have a look and see if someone has uploaded a tutorial. If you have a problem, it’s likely so have others and somewhere someone will have the answer.

Simply get an expert to do it for you 

Sometimes it’s better to know your limitations. Not all of us are adept at using hand tools, don’t have the tools, don’t have the time, or simply don’t want to! That doesn’t mean that IKEA with its stylish affordable furniture is not for you, it just means you need to hire an IKEA furniture assembly professional in Dubai to do it for you. 

Furniture assembly professionals in Dubai can do it all for you – whether that’s as simple as your new bookcase or all-new furniture for your entire new home! Well assembled furniture looks better and lasts longer. If you are looking for a furniture assembly service in Dubai for your IKEA furniture, then you can easily book one through ServiceMarket for as little as AED 129 per hour (excluding VAT).

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